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Where To Get Your Thyroid Checked

Who Is Affected By Thyroid Disease

How To Do A Thyroid Neck Check Self-Exam

Thyroid disease can affect anyone men, women, infants, teenagers and the elderly. It can be present at birth and it can develop as you age .

Thyroid disease is very common, with an estimated 20 million people in the Unites States having some type of thyroid disorder. A woman is about five to eight times more likely to be diagnosed with a thyroid condition than a man.

You may be at a higher risk of developing a thyroid disease if you:

  • Have a family history of thyroid disease.
  • Have a medical condition .
  • Take a medication thats high in iodine .
  • Are older than 60, especially in women.
  • Have had treatment for a past thyroid condition or cancer .

Abnormal Menstrual Cycle And Sexual Dysfunction

Thyroid hormones play an essential role in both the male and female reproductive systems. For females experiencing heavy or irregular periods, that may be an underlying thyroid problem as it affects other hormones that play a role in menstruation.

A decline in sex drive for both men and women can also be a sign of thyroid issues because it can drive testosterone down. While testosterone is often thought of by many as a mans hormone, women have it toomen simply have more of it.

Do You Need A Thyroid Test

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, we recommend a range of tests that determine if you have a thyroid problem and whats causing it. We offer comprehensive support to help restore your thyroid function, such as lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplements, and thyroid-replacement medication.

To learn more, call us today or use our online scheduling feature to book your appointment now.

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What Happens If Hypothyroidism Is Not Treated

Hypothyroidism can become a serious and life-threatening medical condition if you do not get treatment from a healthcare provider. If you are not treated, your symptoms can become more severe and can include:

  • Developing mental health problems.
  • Not being able to maintain a normal body temperature.
  • Having heart problems.
  • Developing a goiter .

You can also develop a serious medical condition called myxedema coma. This can happen when hypothyroidism isnt treated.

Treatment For Thyroid Eye Disease Varies Depending On Severity From Eye Drops To Surgery

Get Your Thyroid Checked Now

In the early stages of TED, eye drops and moist towels on the eyes can help ease the discomfort. If you find that your eyes dry out overnight, Cassel suggests that “taping the eyelids shut at night may help keep the eyes from drying out during sleep in some cases, special goggles can help keep the eyes moist.” In more severe cases, surgery on the eyelids may be necessary.

Of course, a key part of the treatment is also trying to return your thyroid function to normal. However, “one of the most frustrating aspects of thyroid eye diseaseâand a difficult feature for doctors and other health care providers as well as patients to understandâis that regulating the thyroid gland itself can sometimes have little or no effect on the course of the eye disease,” Cassel writes. “If you have any kind of thyroid irregularity, your eyes may still be at risk.” For another subtle sign of thyroid disease, If This Happens When You Eat or Drink, You Need Your Thyroid Checked.

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How The Thyroid Works

Just as the thyroid gland communicates with other organs through the hormone it produces, the pituitary gland in the brain communicates with the thyroid through a hormone it makesthyroid-stimulating hormone, or TSH. When the pituitary senses that thyroid hormone levels are too low, it releases more TSH to coax the thyroid into action. When the thyroid is nudged by TSH, it produces thyroid hormonea large proportion of which is thyroxine and a smaller proportion triiodothyronine . The T4 is eventually converted into T3, the “active” form that is taken up by receptors in body cells.

Getting Your Thyroid Tested

If you find you are experiencing symptoms of hyperthyroidism, be sure to speak with your doctor.

A simple blood test can help them determine whether or not you have thyroid disease.

You will have your blood drawn and it will be sent to the laboratory for TSH testing . The laboratory will determine your T3 and T4 levels, and see if they are within normal parameters. The laboratory will then inform your doctor of these test results and your doctor can decide if treatment is warranted.

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I’m Feeling Rundown Burned Out And Having Trouble Losing Weight How Do I Know If It Is My Thyroid Or Something Else Like Depression Or Chronic Fatigue Are There Specific Tells I Can Look For To Let Me Know I Need To Get My Thyroid Tested

That’s a hard one to answer because your thyroid controls literally everything that happens in your body and mind. Very frustrating, right? Signs of a thyroid disorder could be as simple as your sleep cycle being off, your periods becoming irregular, or feeling depressed or anxious when you have no prior history of anxiety or depression. They could also be as dramatic as your blood pressure or your heart rate skyrocketing or plummeting. A thyroid hormonal imbalance can cause effects as subtle as slight variations in your cholesterol or your body temperature, or as dramatic as your blood sugar spiking or dropping, which can cause you to pass out. Because of its vast function, every body system that you can imagine can display signs of thyroid hormonal imbalances, and how varied they are unfortunately can cause people to go for years without receiving a diagnosis and treatment.

Getting My Thyroid Issues Under Control Took A While

Thyroid exam: How to check your thyroid with Dr. Christianson

Even though I had a disorder that was supposed to speed up my metabolism, I had actually gained weight because I was too fatigued to do much of anything outside of going to work. It took about six frustrating months of my endocrinologist trying different thyroid medications to get me back to normal. I was at the point where I was considering radiation to “zap” the thyroid just to get some relief. Finally, we found a medication that worked. After several years of regularly monitoring my thyroid, I was able to get off the medication for good, and my Graves’ Disease went into remission.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones, as other people have had to get their thyroid removed, and/or be on medication for the rest of their lives to get back to normal, while my time of suffering was fairly short.

I asked Dr. Block for this article about why I gained weight, and she confirmed she had “Graves’ patients that gain weight ,” and said that some of them were also “exhausted,” the way I was. I’m glad to finally learn that I wasn’t alone here.

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Thyroid Eye Disease Is More Common In Women And People In Their 30s And 40s

According to Gary H. Cassel, MD, author of The Eye Book: A Complete Guide to Eye Disorders and Health, there are certain factors that make you more at risk for TED. “Thyroid eye disease affects more women than men, and it usually strikes people in their 30s and 40s,” the doctor explains in the book. “A family history of hyperthyroidism is not uncommon. Stress and smoking have been linked to an increased chance of developing a thyroid eye disease.”

Cassel also notes that TED is very unpredictable in its onset, progression, severity, and duration. For more useful health information delivered straight to your inbox, .

Signs You Should Do A Thyroid Function Test

If any of these hormones are out of balance it can lead to a thyroid disorder and cause a wide range of symptoms. If youre experiencing any of these symptoms its really important to check your thyroid function. Its also common for thyroid disorders to run in families so its particularly important to test your thyroid function if you think you might be at risk. You can test your thyroid function as part of our women’s hormones blood test.

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You Sound Hoarse Or You Have A Lump In Your Throat

If your voice feels very hoarse, it can indicate that you’ve been talking too much, have a cold, or have an issue with your thyroid. The Mayo Clinic says it can be a sign of hypothyroidism. It can also indicate, according to EndocrineWeb, that a thyroid nodule is physically pressing on your throat, causing your voice to become hoarse.

If the front of your neck looks and feels swollen, as if you literally have a lump in your throat, it could be hyperthyroidism. The Mayo Clinic describes it as “an enlarged thyroid gland , which may appear as a swelling at the base of your neck.” This is why if you go to the doctor for thyroid issues, he/she will physically feel and examine your thyroid to see if it is too big. Dr. Ali said to pay attention to any “neck swelling” you may experience.

Reason #: Youre Tired All The Time

Disrupted Sleep from Watch Your Metabolism: 10 Signs You ...

A condition called hypothyroidism may be responsible for your fatigue and sluggishness. Hypothyroidism occurs when you have too little thyroid hormone in your system. Without adequate amounts of thyroid hormone in your bloodstream and cells, your muscles are also weak and it takes all your energy to perform basic functions.

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Its Most Commonly A Sign Of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which your thyroid is underactive, meaning it does not create enough thyroid hormone. According to David Beatty, MRCGP, a general practitioner with more than 30 years of experience, if you have hypothyroidism, most of the eyebrow hair loss occurs in the outer third part of your brow where it extends toward your ears. Thinning eyebrows in this area are often cited as a unique, early symptom of hypothyroidism.

Other symptoms of an underactive thyroid include dry skin, brittle nails, or weight gain, says Shafipour.

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How Do Doctors Treat Postpartum Thyroiditis

The hyperthyroid stage of postpartum thyroiditis rarely needs treatment. If your symptoms are bothering you, your doctor may prescribe a beta-blocker, a medicine that slows your heart rate. Antithyroid medicines are not useful in postpartum thyroiditis, but if you have Graves disease, it may worsen after your baby is born and you may need antithyroid medicines.

Youre more likely to have symptoms during the hypothyroid stage. Your doctor may prescribe thyroid hormone medicine to help with your symptoms. If your hypothyroidism doesnt go away, you will need to take thyroid hormone medicine for the rest of your life.

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How Is Thyroid Disease Diagnosed

Sometimes, thyroid disease can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are easily confused with those of other conditions. You may experience similar symptoms when you are pregnant or aging and you would when developing a thyroid disease. Fortunately, there are tests that can help determine if your symptoms are being caused by a thyroid issue. These tests include:

  • Blood tests.
  • Physical exams.

Blood tests

One of the most definitive ways to diagnose a thyroid problem is through blood tests. Thyroid blood tests are used to tell if your thyroid gland is functioning properly by measuring the amount of thyroid hormones in your blood. These tests are done by taking blood from a vein in your arm. Thyroid blood tests are used to see if you have:

  • Hyperthyroidism.

The specific blood tests that will be done to test your thyroid can include:

These tests alone arent meant to diagnose any illness but may prompt your healthcare provider to do additional testing to evaluate for a possible thyroid disorder.

Additional blood tests might include:

Talk to your healthcare provider about the ranges for these thyroid blood tests. Your ranges might not be the same as someone elses. Thats often alright. If you have any concerns or worries about your blood test results, talk to your provider.

Imaging tests

An ultrasound typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Physical exam

What If You Suspect That You May Have Borderline Or Subclinical Hypothyroidism Which Means You Have High Tsh Hormone Levels But Theyre Not Quite High Enough For Your Doctor To Recommend Treatment Yet

How to test your Thyroid at home

The American College of Endocrinology believes that it is important to listen to every patient, address their concerns and to use both objective and subjective measures to determine whether you will benefit or not from treatment. The medication used for thyroid treatment is very safe and has been around for a very long time, so there is no reason not to get tested and seek treatment if you suspect you may have a thyroid hormonal imbalance. It’s better to get tested and realize it is not a thyroid issue like you thought then to wait and have to deal with the symptoms of a chronic illness that can be easily and safely treated once diagnosed.

We know that cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep patterns and menstrual cycles are very objective measures of thyroid function and physiology. If you have things that are not feeling right in those areas, that are part of the syndrome of thyroid disease, you can use those to make your case for trying treatment. If you do that, and you understand the framework that your doctor provides as a reason not to prescribe medication yet, ask for a plan of action like repeated tests. Repeat evaluations and tests ensure that the single point in time that you were tested was not an error. Often, over time, health issues come to light that are not apparent in a single medical visit.

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Follow This Eating Pattern

Eating plenty of colorful vegetables and fruit along with heart-healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts as well as fish and vegetarian proteins appears to be one of the healthiest ways to promote weight loss and prevent chronic diseases. It may also make your cells more sensitive to insulin, reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

In particular, oily fish contains long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that may help reduce insulin resistance, a risk-factor for Type 2 diabetes.

Having healthy fats in your meals and snacks triggers the release of hormones that help you feel more satiated, which can support weight loss.

How Long After My Thyroid Is Removed Will My Tiredness Go Away

Typically, you will be given medication to help with your symptoms right after surgery. Your body actually has thyroid hormone still circulating throughout it, even after the thyroid has been removed. The hormones can still be in your body for two to three weeks. Medication will reintroduce new hormones into your body after the thyroid has been removed. If you are still feeling tired after surgery, remember that this can be a normal part of recovering from any type of surgery. It takes time for your body to heal. Talk to your healthcare provider if you are still experiencing fatigue and other symptoms of thyroid disease after surgery.

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Thyroid Test When Is The Right Time To Take A Thyroid Test

Almost twenty years ago, the American College of Physicians, a pretty conservative organization, stunned the medical community by issuing a guideline that women over 50 should have a thyroid test at least once every five years. At that time, most physicians thought that they could diagnose thyroid problems themselves and that testing guidelines were unnecessary.

At our clinic, however, we werent stunned: we were excited! We knew first-hand how challenging it can be to identify and treat thyroid symptoms without testing. It felt like the beginning of a new understanding among conventional medical practitioners. Sadly, even all these years later, with testing guidelines in place, many practitioners still fail to diagnose thyroid concerns. Thats because over or under active thyroid problems can be hard to pin down the symptoms may also resemble those of many other conditions, including aging.

In fact, a couple of years ago, Time Magazine reported that hypothyroidism is one of the top 15 leading conditions doctors most often get wrong.

At our clinic, we have helped thousands of women to restore healthy thyroid function. We know how an under or overactive thyroid can wreak havoc on your life, weight, health, and mood. Its not just a part of getting older and you dont have to live with it!

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Signs It May Be Time To Get Your Thyroid Checked

10 Signs You Might Need To Get Your Thyroid Checked Out ...

by T A

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland, measuring about 2 inches , located at the base of your neck just below the Adams apple. Despite its size, the thyroid gland plays a significant role in our growth, development, and health.

Its responsible for releasing hormones that regulate almost every bodily function, including your body temperature, heart rate, metabolism, and even breathing. If it starts to malfunction, that tiny 20-ounce gland can cause various serious health complications that can even lead to death.

As leaders in preventive health, we cant stress enough the importance of having a healthy thyroid, which is why, in support of Thyroid Awareness Month, weve decided to create a list of signs that will help you get a hint if its time for you to get your thyroid checked.

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