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How To Treat Hashimoto Thyroid Disease

Diets Free From Grains Dairy & Highly Processed Foods

How to cure Hashimoto’s disease, thyroid issues and autoimmune diseases with a plant-based diet

While inflammatory foods such as grains, dairy, and highly processed foods arent the cause of Hashimotos syndrome, they can trigger an autoimmune response. This can exacerbate inflammation and tissue destruction. In these cases, a diet free from grains, dairy, and highly processed foods can be beneficial to individuals living with Hashimotos syndrome.

Diets such as paleo or gluten-free diets can be effective for individuals with Hashimotos syndrome, as can diets that focus on the following foods:

  • Lean Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Legumes

A Word Of Advice On How To Approach A Cleanse From Toxic Food And Chemicals

If all of this seems really drastic, maybe it is. But so is your body attacking its own tissue. That is drastic and not okay. I would suggest doing everything in steps. I started with the AutoImmune Protocol and getting the right supplements at first and then moved on.

The first week I gave up gluten, the second week I gave up dairy, third was coffee and alcohol and so on. I was then strict for another month and maintained the full elimination, not even eggs. The following month I looked into eliminating plastics, soaps, shampoo and household cleaners that contained a large portion of unnatural ingredients. I cant tell you how well vinegar, tea tree oil and eco-friendly products clean your home and clothes. The next month, I got a great water filter and cast iron pans.

It took about three or four months, but it all became second nature and my new norm. It honestly wasnt that difficult. Now, I have a lot of my favorite things again in moderation eggs, wine, chocolate, coffee but again no gluten and very limited dairy. My antibody tests are in range and I feel like I have all my energy back. See what works for you. You might find that dairy and alcohol are an absolute no, but nightshades are okay. I dont handle nightshades well by the way. Everyones body is different.

Please contact me directly via for any comments or questions. I had to delete over 100 responses to this article in the comments below because sensitive personal health information was being disclosed.

What Natural Home Remedies And Supplements Treat Thyroid Problems

Supplements that contain large amounts of iodine such as seaweed can make thyroid hormone levels go very high or very low if you have nodular goiter and a history of an autoimmune thyroid condition such as Hashimotoâs thyroiditis or Gravesâ disease.

There is no scientific evidence that herbal supplements, yoga poses, natural thyroid treatments, or natural thyroid remedies improve thyroid health and function. Dietary supplements are not regulated by any agency and therefore there is no quality control of these supplements. It is not recommended that any supplement be taken for thyroid health.

Donât take supplements for your thyroid problem without consulting a doctor.

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Limiting Foods High In Iodine

While iodine is essential for thyroid function, excessive amounts can exacerbate Hashimotos. Today, with iodized salt being prevalent in most countries, iodine excess is recognized as a risk factor for developing Hashimotos!

In my experience, iodine needs to be dosed appropriately to provide benefit and prevent harm. Some research has shown that a low-iodine diet has been helpful in reducing the autoimmune attack on the thyroid gland and in normalizing thyroid function in people with iodine-induced Hashimotos. Ive found that for most people with Hashimotos, a small intake of iodine is usually safe and potentially helpful.

Causes Of Hashimotos Disease

Get the Skinny on Hashimoto

Various conditions can cause hypothyroidism. One of the most common causes is Hashimotos disease, which is inflammation of the thyroid gland that reduces the secretion of thyroid hormones.Hashimotos disease is considered to be an autoimmune disease. Immune system cells that normally defend the body against foreign invaders attack the thyroid gland.The condition is also called Hashimotos thyroiditis, chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroiditis.

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How Are Hypothyroidism And Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Diagnosed

To diagnose hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, doctors ask about a person’s symptoms, do an exam, and order blood tests. The tests measure:

  • Thyroid hormone levels, particularly thyroxine and thyroid-stimulating hormone . TSH is a hormone made in the . More TSH is released into the blood when the brain and pituitary sense that the levels of thyroid hormone in the blood are too low. TSH stimulates the thyroid to work harder to make more thyroid hormone.
  • Some antibodies . High levels of these antibodies in the blood are a sign that the gland is being attack by the immune system in Hashimoto’s. The two antibodies commonly measured are thyroglobulin antibodies and thyroid peroxidase antibodies .

Take A Good Probiotic

Your gut bacteria play a central role in regulating your thyroid hormones. Your gut is one of the biggest reservoirs for thyroid hormones, and good gut bacteria convert T3, a thyroid hormone, into T4, the main hormone thatâs often low in hypothyroidism.

A high-quality probiotic can help balance your gut bacteria and support the conversion of thyroid hormones. Look for a probiotic with Lactobacillus bacteria, particularly L. acidophilus and L. rhamnosus. Theyâre some of the most beneficial bacteria for supporting thyroid function.

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How Is Hashimoto’s Disease Treated

Hashimotos disease is treated with a daily dose of . This is the same hormone that your thyroid gland makes. You will probably need to take thyroid hormone pills for the rest of your life. Talk to your doctor or nurse about any questions or concerns.

You may have to see your doctor or nurse a few times to test the level of thyroid stimulating hormone in your body. Thyroid hormone acts very slowly in the body, so it can take several months after the start of treatment for symptoms to go away. Once your TSH level is normal, your doctor or nurse will need to see you less often.

The same treatment dose usually works for many years. But your TSH levels may change sometimes, especially during pregnancy, if you have , or if you take . Your doctor or nurse may need to adjust your dose.

What Are The Complications Of Hashimotos Disease

How To Heal Hashimotos Thyroid Disease-Dr Hagmeyer

Many people with Hashimotos disease develop hypothyroidism. Untreated, hypothyroidism can lead to several health problems, including5

  • dry skin or dry, thinning hair
  • heavy or irregular menstrual periods or fertility problems
  • slowed heart rate

Hashimotos disease causes your thyroid to become damaged. Most people with Hashimotos disease develop hypothyroidism. Rarely, early in the course of the disease, thyroid damage may lead to the release of too much thyroid hormone into your blood, causing symptoms of hyperthyroidism.3

Your thyroid may get larger and cause the front of the neck to look swollen. The enlarged thyroid, called a goiter, may create a feeling of fullness in your throat, though it is usually not painful. After many years, or even decades, damage to the thyroid may cause the gland to shrink and the goiter to disappear.

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Treatment Of Hashimotos Thyroiditis

Most people with Hashimotos need treatment. However, if your thyroid is functioning normally, your doctor may monitor you for changes.

If your thyroid isnt producing enough hormones, you need medication. Levothyroxine is a synthetic hormone that replaces the missing thyroid hormone thyroxine . It has virtually no side effects. If you need this drug, youll likely be on it for the rest of your life.

Regular use of levothyroxine can return your thyroid hormone levels to normal. When this happens, your symptoms will usually disappear. However, youll probably need regular tests to monitor your hormone levels. This allows your doctor to adjust your dose as necessary.

How Is Hashimotos Diagnosed

It takes an average of 10 years to be diagnosed with Hashimotos between the start of the autoimmune attack on the thyroid gland, and when the person is diagnosed.

This is because conventional medicine doctors will only test ones TSH levels, but they wont be elevated until Stage 4. There are better tests that are covered by insurance that can reveal thyroid disease up to a decade before a change in TSH is detected. However, most doctors wont run these tests until a change in TSH is seen. It is really quite backward!

The longer this immune response is in place, the more thyroid damage occurs and the greater the likelihood of the person progressing to hypothyroidism, where the thyroid gland becomes so damaged, that it is no longer able to make enough thyroid hormone. If we could detect the condition earlier, we could prevent the damage ! The most helpful tests for diagnosing Hashimotos include thyroid antibody tests and thyroid ultrasounds.

Left unbalanced, the immune system may go on to attack different parts of the body, leading to the development of other autoimmune conditions.

There are no current treatment recommendations or guidelines in the world of conventional medicine to address the immune system attack on the thyroid gland. Rather, the focus is on restoring normal thyroid hormone levels.

Its akin to pouring more water into a bucket with a hole in it, without plugging up the leak!

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What Is Hashimotos Thyroiditis Symptoms Causes Diagnosis Treatment And Prevention

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a disorder in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the thyroid, which is a gland located at the base of the throat. The thyroid makes hormones that help the body use energy and work as it should.

This attack causes inflammation and interferes with the thyroid gland‘s ability to produce the hormones that control these bodily functions.

The disease is also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroiditis.

Statistics & Prevalence Of Hypothyroidism

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  • 5 out of 100 Americans have hypothyroidism .
  • Hypothyroidism is most common in adults over 60.
  • Up to 60% of those with a thyroid disorder are unaware of it.
  • Women are up to eight times more likely than men to develop thyroid problems.
  • 1 in 3,000 newborns has hypothyroidism in the United States. This can lead to irreversible mental retardation. Fortunately, screenings for newborn hypothyroidism are mandatory in all 50 states.

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What Is Tsh And Thyroid Hormone All About Anyway

TSH, thyroid-stimulating hormone, is a pituitary hormone that fluctuates depending on how much circulating thyroid hormone there is in your body. It tells your pituitary gland how much Thyroxine, aka T4, to produce. Your body then converts T4 to T3, the usable form of thyroid hormone. T3 is used for so many things in your body from body temperature regulation to metabolism to heart rate and much more. Elevated TSH usually indicates hypothyroidism. It is possible to reverse the road to hypothyroidism if you catch Hashimotos in its early enough stages.

Lab tests show elevated TSH in people who have advanced Hashimotos or primary hypothyroidism. However, TSH can fluctuate so its not always an adequate measure. The other issue is that TSH will be normal for many until they reach an advanced stage of tissue destruction, as was the case with me, and so many others who go untreated until the damage is extensive. So that is why you must test for other indicators.

What Other Problems Can Hypothyroidism Cause

Hypothyroidism can contribute to high cholesterol. In rare cases, untreated hypothyroidism can cause myxedema coma. This is a condition in which your body’s functions slow down to the point that it becomes life-threatening.

During pregnancy, hypothyroidism can cause complications, such as premature birth, high blood pressure in pregnancy, and miscarriage. It can also slow the baby’s growth and development.

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Chiropractor For Hashimotos And Autoimmune Diseases

Our goal is to provide each patient with long-term solutions to achieve an optimal quality of life, not just a quick fix. If you suspect you may be dealing with some sort of thyroid problem, including an autoimmune or thyroid disease, please call or visit us today to see how we can help you! Call today at:

What Happens In Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

HOW TO TREAT HASHIMOTOS DISEASE NATURALLY | Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Treatment

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an ongoing condition in which the immune system attacks the thyroid. Often, this prevents the thyroid from making enough thyroid hormone, causing hypothyroidism. The body responds by sending a message to the thyroid to work harder to make enough hormone.

This, and the swelling the immune system causes as it attacks the gland, can make the thyroid get bigger, leading to a goiter. The thyroid can keep changing size over months or years. Surgery is sometimes done to treat goiters, especially if the thyroid is big enough to cause problems with swallowing. But this is rarely needed in children.

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Hashimotos Syndrome Hormone Replacement Therapy

At this time, there is no permanent cure for Hashimotos syndrome. However, hormone replacement therapy can help regulate hormone levels and help your biological functions and metabolism return to normal.

Most commonly, doctors will treat Hashimotos syndrome with hormone replacement therapy. This therapy typically includes the hormone replacement levothyroxine, which is identical to the hormone thyroxine which is normally produced by your thyroid gland.

Initially, your doctor may choose to retest your TSH level every few weeks after your hormone replacement therapy begins to ensure the right dosage. If you have severe hypothyroidism or a heart condition, your doctor may start you with a small dose of hormone replacement medication and will gradually increase the dose over time to give your heart time to adjust to your increased metabolism.

Since hormones regularly fluctuate, it will be important to routinely visit your doctor about every 12 months to check your TSH levels. This will ensure your dosage is still conducive to your current condition.

In addition, your doctor may also prescribe an anti-inflammatory like LDN. Anti-inflammatories like low-dose naltrexone help manage inflammation associated with Hashimotos syndrome.

How Is Hashimotos Disease Treated

If Hashimotos disease does progress to hypothyroidism, usual treatment is a synthetic form of thyroid hormone called levothyroxine .

This drug restores the normal function of the thyroid. Youll need to take it every day for the rest of your life. Your providers and you will figure out how to adjust your dose to make sure that your hypothyroidism is kept under control.

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S How To Cure Hashimotos Naturally

Again, I am not a doc but here is exactly what I did to bring my Hashimotos into remission. Im going to repeat that it is very important to get a thyroid ultrasound in order to assess how far along thyroid tissue damage is. If it is more than moderate damage, doing the following steps will help to a degree but you may need thyroid hormone to supplement these steps.

The other disclaimer Im going to write is that Hashimotos is a result of years of system abuse whether from stress, diet and/or environment. You must reset your body with a clean diet and a healthy environment regardless if the initial cause was poor diet or not. Popping prescribed medication is not always the answer. Many people have trouble comprehending that what you put into and on your body has a tremendous effect on immunity and overall health. People are emotionally tied to their food and have been brainwashed for years that certain consumables are harmless and may actually be good for them.

So here it is:

How Does Functional Medicine Treat Hashimoto’s

Pin on Hashimoto

With conventional medicine, only the symptoms are treated for various thyroid problems. With this approach, you don’t get a permanent solution to your problem. While with Functional Medicine, a proper protocol is followed to identify your real problem and treat it. Consequently your Hashimoto’s can be reversed.

In Functional Medicine approach the following strategies are given almost priority in the treatment of your Hashimoto’s disease.

  • Eliminate bad foods and lifestyle habits.
  • Incorporate good ones that support your body.

The various ways in which these are implemented include –

  • Healing your gut

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Hashimotos Treatments If You Have Borderline Results

If your TSH value is less than 10 but higher than 4 , you fall in a borderline category. Your doctor will evaluate your treatment depending on your individual needs. If you arent having hypothyroid symptoms or only have mild ones, your doctor may choose conservative treatmentwatching, waiting, and doing periodic testing.

However, if your symptoms are more severe and if your TSH is on the high end of the borderline spectrum, your doctor may prescribe levothyroxine. If it helps your hypothyroid symptoms abate, it can be continued. If it doesnt, it can be stopped. Your doctor may re-evaluate you for other possible causes of your symptoms.

Sometimes patients have other conditions that tip the scales toward treatment. For instance, if you are trying to get pregnant, you may need to ensure adequate thyroid hormone levels, because low thyroid hormone is associated with infertility. If you are already pregnant, your doctor is more likely to give you synthetic hormone to make sure your levels stay normal. Thats because hypothyroidism can cause miscarriages or birth defects. If youre pregnant and already taking levothyroxine, your dose likely will need to be increased to account for your growing babys needs.

No matter the treatment, you will need to continue seeing your doctor at regular intervals for thyroid blood testing. This will help you get the best possible care for your Hashimotos disease.


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