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How To Tell If Your Thyroid Is Out Of Whack

Symptoms That May Indicate Hypothyroidism

How to tell if your thyroid is out of whack and things you can do immediately to help it!

The Mayo Clinic sums this one up nicely: “Hypothyroidism is a condition in which your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain crucial hormones,” they write. “Hypothyroidism may not cause noticeable symptoms in the early stages. Over time, untreated hypothyroidism can cause a number of health problems, such as obesity, joint pain, infertility and heart disease. Accurate thyroid function tests are available to diagnose hypothyroidism. Treatment with synthetic thyroid hormone is usually simple, safe and effective once you and your doctor find the right dose for you.” Here are the symptoms you might feel:

Weak Nails And Thinning Hair

Your hair and nails are constantly growing. One important function of the thyroid gland is sending hormone signals to trigger hair and nail growth. With hyperthyroidism, the extra hormones tell your body to increase the growth of your hair follicles and nails in a shorter period of time. While it would seem that your nails growing fast would be a positive side effect of thyroid dysfunction, that isnt the case. This forced growth is too fast. As a result, your body has to stretch its natural resources, which can lead to thin and brittle hair and nails.

Signs Your Thyroid Is Off

Are you feeling off lately? Like your mood is off, youre tired all the time, and your appetite has changed? There are a number of conditions that can lead to these symptoms and other signs of irregularity, but often times when patients have gone through the ringer with their health, theres one particular problem that continues to go unnoticed:;thyroid issues. Investigating the condition of your thyroid may be the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to finding out whats causing your health problems.

The team at AOC Physicians has experience diagnosing and treating thyroid and parathyroid issues using medication, alternative therapies, and minimally invasive surgery. So, if youre feeling off and have been evaluated for several other health conditions, none of which have determined why youre feeling the way you do, it may be time to consider the health of your thyroid.

What Is A Thyroid Gland?

Moreover, researchers are still trying to figure out what causes thyroid imbalances in the first place. Possible causes include genetics, an autoimmune disease, stress, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins, and pregnancy, but there is no set-in-stone cause of hypo- or hyperthyroidism.

Imbalanced Thyroid: What To Look For

Top 10 Symptoms Related to Thyroid Issues

  • Fatigue; if youre tired all morning and day even after receiving a full nights sleep, you may have an underactive thyroid.
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    Could My Thyroid Be Out Of Whack

    Did you know that one in eight women will suffer from a thyroid disorder in her lifetime? Although women are twice as likely as men to develop thyroid problems, it doesnt mean that men are not at risk. In fact, according to The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, more than 30 million people living in the United States have a thyroid disorderabout half of which are going undiagnosed.;

    During Thyroid Awareness Month this September, take time to learn about the medical condition that can cause other health issues if not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

    What Does Your Thyroid Do?

    Located just along the front of your windpipe, the thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that is;responsible for storing and producing hormones, which affect most every organ in our body.;Therefore, when your thyroid isnt working properly, it can cause other areas in your body to begin suffering, as well.;

    Fortunately, with early diagnosis, a proper treatment plan can help you to find relief from thyroid disease. The key is early detection. As soon as symptoms arise, be sure to seek the guidance of a physician who can help you with a treatment plan best suited for you and your thyroid condition.

    Signs of thyroid disease includes:


    ·;;;;;;Menstrual changes

    ·;;;;;;Painful muscles

    Talk to a physician today to discuss whether these symptoms could be signaling a thyroid disorder.

    What Are the Common Types of Thyroid Disorders?

    The most common types of thyroid disorders include:

    Your Emotions Are All Over The Place

    5 Signs Your Thyroid May Be Out of Whack

    An overactive thyroid has a kind of manic effect on your emotions, says Dr. Harrell. “Hyperthyroid is typically associated with anxiety, hyper emotionality, and even psychosis,” Dr. Harrell says.

    An underactive thyroid, however, is associated with feelings of depression and the want to withdraw from social situations. Hypothyroidism could also result in some cognitive issues like forgetfulness or decreased motor skills. In fact, low thyroid levels have been linked to feelings of drunkenness, according to Dr. Harrell.

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    Shun Simple Carbs & Sugars

    Go for a moderate- to the low-carbohydrate diet thats rich in complex carbohydrates such as starchy vegetables and legumes and shuns simple sugars. A Harvard Medical School report states that consuming complex carbohydrates and avoiding simple carbs can help reduce the production of cytokines, tiny proteins that can influence inflammation in the body. This is the ideal thyroid diet for weight loss.

    Avoid Foods That Inhibit Absorption

    Theres a few precautions when taking certain medications, certain supplements as well as eating high fiber and soy rich diets when you have an underactive thyroid. All of these can interfere with Levothyroxine absorption. Foods to avoid while taking thyroxine medication include:

    • Cottonseed meal
    • Walnuts
    • Soybean flour

    Avoid taking iron and calcium supplements, multivitamins with iron, magnesium or aluminum-containing antacids, calcium supplements, certain ulcer drugs certain cholesterol-lowering drugs

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    Drink More Water Throughout The Day

    While your body is retaining water, that isnt an excuse to stop drinking it. Retained water doesnt mean your body is hydrated. Its actually the opposite. Your body is struggling to use the water and keep your organs protected.

    You need to make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. The experts recommend the 8×8 rule: eight 8oz glasses of water every single day. Its not as difficult as it initially seems. You have around 16 hours where youre awake, so you just need to drink 4oz of water an hour!

    Your water doesnt need to be plain. You can add some fruit to get some natural flavours and more nutrients throughout your day. Try starting your day with lemon water to give an energetic boost in the morning. Youll start your day refreshed, so you feel like doing more to combat your weight due to hypothyroidism.

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    Hold On Give Me A Refresher On Hypothyroidism

    ASMR Thyroid Doctor Examination – Lymph Nodes- Ultrasound..

    ICYMI, hypothyroidism affects about 5 percent of Americans and happens when your thyroid doesnât produce enough thyroid hormones.

    When itâs functioning normally, those hormones produced by the thyroid regulate how your body uses energy, keeping the brain, muscles, and organs working; in fact, most people donât even know that their thyroid is there until thereâs a problem with it, says Marilyn Tan, MD, an endocrinologist at Stanford Health Careâs Endocrinology Clinic. But when thereâs a problem, youâll know itthat little gland can cause a whole slew of issues, like changes in body temperature, skin texture, and, yes, weight fluctuations.

    Signs your thyroid is out of whack:

    For women with hypothyroidism, it often feels like their hormones are working against them when it comes to weight loss, and, well, thatâs because they kind of are. In addition to everything else they do, thyroid hormones also regulate your metabolism; and low levels of thyroid hormones make for a slower metabolism, says Elizabeth Pearce, MD, an endocrinologist specializing in thyroid disorders at Boston Medical Center.

    Women with hypothyroidism tell me theyre on 1,200 calorie diet and they cant lose weight. In the end, its much more difficult to lose weight and keep it off,â says Caroline Apovian, MD, an endocrinologist, weight-loss researcher, and director of the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management at Boston Medical Center.

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    Muscle Aches And Trouble Swallowing

    Muscle aches throughout the body are sometimes associated with abnormal thyroid levels. If your muscle aches have recently onset without any other obvious causes, a thyroid disorder is one likely cause. Rarely, muscle breakdown can also occur. If you find that you are unable to build toned muscle, reach out to your physician.

    On a similar vein, because the thyroid is located in the neck, the neck muscles are usually the first to experience these symptoms. This includes the muscles associated with swallowing. If you are struggling to swallow, this could be another signs of thyroid problems.

    Surgery For Thyroid Disorders

    Removing the thyroid gland can cure hyperthyroidism, but the procedure is only recommended if antithyroid drugs don’t work, or if there is a large goiter. Surgery may also be recommended for patients with thyroid nodules. Once the thyroid is removed, most patients require daily supplements of thyroid hormones to avoid developing hypothyroidism.

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    Your Eyes Are Bugged Out

    Have you ever seen photos online of people with seriously bulging eyes? They’re probably suffering from Graves’ disease, a type of hyperthyroidism, which can cause the eyes to appear open in a wide-eyed stare. An extra accumulation of tissue behind the eyes is to blame for this, giving the peepers a puffed-out look.

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    Hot Flashes And Night Sweats

    Signs Your Thyroid Might Be Out of Whack

    Yes, these can appear years before menopause. And yes, they are horrible. But yes, they are fixable! But you know what I dont need to fix them? Meaningless lab work. An astute gynecologist does not need to get bloodwork to verify a woman is in peri-menopause or menopause. In fact, that lab work is often not reliable. I have seen women with menopausal levels of FSH continue to ovulate . So, P.S. do not take this one to the bank for contraception needs.;

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    Changes In Menstrual Cycle Or Sexual Performance

    Hormonal changes are closely linked to sexual function. If you find that your period is becoming irregular, heavier, or more painful than before, or if you are experiencing stronger emotional symptoms tied to PMS, your thyroid might be the cause.

    You might also experience difficulty with sexual performance or enjoyment. If you are having difficulty with libido or achieving orgasm or if you cannot maintain an erection, you could also be struggling with a thyroid-related symptom.

    While these are uncomfortable issues to talk about, they should absolutely be addressed with us to rule out not only thyroid trouble but also anything else that might quietly be causing these issues.

    Cut Back On Refined Starches And Sugary Carbs

    Carbohydrates are often described as the enemy of weight loss. But thats not an accurate statement. Rather, its the highly-processed, high-sugar content carbs that provide no nutritional value and cause weight gain with regular consumption. Limiting junk foods, such as chips, cookies, donuts, most cereals, sugary drinks, including certain juices, alcohol, and even many healthy gluten-free packaged products will help you stay on track when trying to reach your weight loss goals.

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    Protein Is Paramount For Weight Loss

    The main benefit of protein is that its much more satiating than both fat and carbs. That is, it has a unique ability to reduce appetite and therefore your overall caloric intake too.

    Studies show high protein diets may also reduce obsessive thoughts about food by 60% and cut desire for late-night snacks by half .

    Foods high in protein include meat, seafood, eggs, nuts, legumes and dairy.

    Protein is also the muscle-building nutrient, so a high protein diet complements regular exercise.

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    How your Thyroid Works – Wellness TV Ep 18

    10. You Have a Metallic Taste in Your MouthThank another hormone thats boosted by pregnancy: HcG , which the embryo starts producing after implantation. Higher levels of HcG cause nausea and vomitingwhich can change your sense of taste and lead to that notorious metallic sensation in your mouth, says Dayal. To calm nausea, she suggests opting for homeopathic cures, like ginger . Lemon water, she says, can also help get rid of that metallic taste.

    11. You Notice Dark SpotsDark patches of skin on your cheeks, breasts, and elsewhere is a side effect of the increased estrogen in your body when youre expecting, says Dayal. Estrogen ups your levels of the skin pigment melanin.

    The bottom line: Whats important, stresses Figaro, is to know your body. Changes come and go, she says. But if you notice a new, persistent symptom, its a sign that somethings changed. If you think something warrants a doctors attention, Figaro says its essential to keep track of changes in your body over time, noting frequency, severity, and timing. That way your doctor can identify if theres an issue and order up any necessary tests.

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    Signs Your Thyroid Is In Trouble According To Doctors

      As Yale-trained endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes, food as medicine and metabolic health, I’ve put together this list of symptoms that could indicate a thyroid problem. That small, butterfly-shaped gland situated at the base of the front of your neck can cause all kinds of issuesand the symptoms may be nonspecific, so it’s important to speak with your doctor if you are experiencing any of the ones you’re about to read about, so that you can be evaluated for all underlying causes. A few blood tests can help determine if you have a thyroid condition or not. Read onand to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs You Have “Long” COVID and May Not Even Know It.

      How Can I Treat A Thyroid Imbalance

      Dr. Tates holistic approach to healthcare treats your imbalanced thyroid as an essential part of the entire body rather than an isolated concern. She works to understand the root cause of the imbalance to ensure you receive the best care.;

      At Grassroots Healthcare, we work to recommend a course of treatment that alleviates symptoms while improving the health of your thyroid. Depending on your symptoms, test results, and health history, Dr. Tate may recommend nutritional supplements, a healthy eating plan, medications, and changes to your lifestyle.;

      If youre experiencing symptoms of an imbalanced thyroid, the caring team at Grassroots Healthcare in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help. Schedule your appointment today by visiting us;here.

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      2. Your Eyes Look BiggerIf anyone ever tells you that your eyes look bigger or that it looks like youre staring , it may be a sign of the most common form of hyperthyroidism, the autoimmune disorder Graves disease, says Figaro. Your eyes appear larger because your eyelids are elevated, since tissues behind the eye are inflamed.;

      3. Your Hair Stops GrowingIf your hair feels coarser or you have less of it anywhere on your bodyincluding your headit could be a sign of hypothyroidism, since thyroid hormones are in charge of hair growth,;says Figaro.

      4. You Forget ThingsWhile brain fog is a well-known symptom of hypothyroidism, poor short-term memory can also be a warning sign. Why? Low thyroid hormone levels control the brains metabolismand slower brain function affects your ability to pay attention in the moment and make memories, says Figaro.

      5. Your Skin Is DryFlaky, dry skin can also be a sign of hypothyroidism, says Figaro. When youre producing less thyroid hormone, it slows down your skins metabolism, toowhich means it produces less of the oils that keep you moist.

      7. You’re Peeing a TonIf you find youre suddenly peeing 24/7, it may be related to high levels of blood glucose because your pancreas is not functioning properly due to diabetes, says Figaro. Your kidneys work overtime to expel the excess sugar, making you have to tinkle more often.

      The Function Of A Healthy Thyroid

      9 Signs Your Thyroid Is Out Of Whack

      The thyroid gland produces hormones T4 and T3 .Both regulate metabolism which determines your heart rate, blood pressure and weight. Thyroid hormones also affect the production of a key stomach hormone, gastrin which aids in proper food digestion.

      Millions of Americans have some form of thyroid dysfunction. Among that number, many havent even been diagnosed.

      When the thyroid does not produce enough T4, your body can no longer metabolize food groups efficiently; this is because hypothyroidism often slows down your metabolism and alters how food is digested in your stomach. The result is typically weight gain, one of several symptoms associated with hypothyroidism.

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      Thyroid Antibodies Tpoab And Tgab

      TPOAb Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies Thyroid peroxidase antibodies attack the enzyme used to make thyroid hormone.

      TgAb Thyroglobulin Antibodies Thyroglobulin antibodies attack thyroglobulin, which your thyroid uses to make hormone.

      If either or both of these antibodies test high, that means your immune system attacks the thyroid. That means you have one of two autoimmune thyroid diseases Hashimotos thyroiditis if youre hypothyroid, and Graves disease if youre hyperthyroid.

      Optimal thyroid antibodies range : < 2 IU/m

      Your thyroid uses iodine to make thyroid hormones. If you dont have enough, you dont make enough hormone, and youll have hypothyroid symptoms.

      Your doctor will probably tell you that iodine deficiency is rare. That might have been true when everyone was eating white sandwich bread and conventional iodized salt. If youre eating a real-food diet that keeps inflammation down, youre probably not getting iodine that food manufacturers put into foods.

      There are a few ways to test. One way to test at home is to draw a 2 inch square on your forearm with a non-toxic pen, and paint on a 2% iodine solution. Be careful not to wash it off! If it fades before the 24-hour mark, ask your doctor to test your iodine levels.

      You can only know for sure if a lab measures your levels. If youre getting tests done anyway, ask to tack on the iodine test.

      Iodine Optimal iodine levels >100 µg/L


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