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How To Take Selenium For Thyroid

How The Right Dose Of Selenium Can Benefit Your Thyroid

Why Take Selenium For Hypothyroid?

Selenium is an important micronutrient. The amount of selenium in your body depends on the geography of where you live, and where your food comes from . Scientists have shown selenium is crucial for maintaining a healthy immune system, hormonal balance, and metabolism.

The thyroid is the organ with the highest concentration of selenium in the bodyselenium is used there as a building block of specific proteins called;selenoproteins. This is where selenium has immense benefits for the thyroid gland and immune health.

Why Dont You Recommend Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts can contain anywhere from .2mcg to 253mcg of selenium depending on where they come from. Just imagine if you were eating 3 Brazil nuts a day from a source that was on the higher end of this range. You could easily begin to develop selenium toxicity and we would also have to factor in all the selenium you are getting from the rest of the food you are eating and any supplements such as a multivitamin. If youâre going to consume Brazil nuts, donât take any selenium supplements and it would be wise to eat them in extreme moderation such as once a week or even once a month.

Synopsis Of Selenium And Ait Studies: Questions Remain

A summary of prospective studies on selenium supplementation in AIT and their level of evidence, based on the strength of each study, is presented in . The grading scheme recommended by the Grading of Recommendations, Assessments, Development and Evaluation Working Groups was employed to rate evidence of efficiency , classifying studies into four categories: A ; B ; C ; and D .

Description and level of evidence of the studies showing an effect via selenium supplementation in patients with AIT

First author .;

Despite a lack of evidence at the highest level A, the findings of the aforementioned studies demonstrate that both SeMet and sodium selenite are effective in slowing the activity of AIT, as reflected by the progressive reduction of anti-TPO and improvement of ultrasound results. Although a dose above 100 g is needed to achieve a significant effect, the latest data suggest that long-term administration of a physiological dose of approximately 80 g/d, sufficient to induce expression of GPx, might also be effective. The proposed mechanisms in the reported studies are based on the reduced ROS damage via enhanced expression of the GPxs and improvement of redox status in the thyrocyte through increasing activity of TRxs; the latter may play a more crucial role than previously assumed in the regulation of intrathyroid selenium. Furthermore, thyroid gland functioning is sustained via enhanced DI expression by means of selenium administration.

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What Were The Conclusions Of Supplementing With Inositol And Selenium Based On The Nordio And Basciani Study

Those with subclinical hypothyroidism can actually be restored to a euthyroid or normal healthy thyroid. This study corroborates the findings of the other study co-authored by Nordio and Basciani. What was unique about this clinical trial was the addition of the hyperthyroid subject. You see, the supplementation of inositol combined with selenium worked to help the Hashimotoâs subjects but it also helped the hyperthyroid patient.

What If You Get Too Much Selenium

Pin on Thyroid

As I mentioned before, more is not always better. In fact, it can make things quite worse. There is data saying that the higher you get beyond 400 mcg per day of selenium, you can start seeing symptoms like:

DiarrheaJoint painAnd others10

In the past, there have been some poorly-produced supplements that had hundreds of times more selenium than necessary. Clinically, I have even seen patients taking a whole host of supplements who have inadvertently gotten way too much selenium.

Key Insight: Total amounts matter, which means that when you take too many kinds of supplements, you may end up doing far more harm than good for your health.

When it comes to your dietary sources of selenium, though, it probably will not happen. You wont get toxic from Brazil nuts, and should not have to worry about it on that front.

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Hashimotos And Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Autoimmune diseases occur when the body creates autoantibodies and starts to attack its own tissues, organs, or glands. In Autoimmune Thyroiditis, antibodies may be produced to Thyroid Peroxidase and/or Thyroglobulin . Thyroglobulin is the primary protein component of thyroid hormones. Thyroid Peroxidase is an enzyme that helps iodine molecules attach to thyroglobulin in order to make the thyroid hormones T4 and T3. When the body cannot make enough thyroglobulin or thyroid peroxidase, hypothyroidism often occurs.

Unfortunately, we dont know for sure what causes autoimmune diseases. There is often a genetic component, with some disorders being more common in families. There may also be environmental triggers such as toxic exposures, reactions to medications, or periods of prolonged stress. For most people, there is likely a combination of triggers along with a genetic predisposition that eventually tips the scales in favor of autoimmune reactions.

Hyperthyroidism : : Selenium And Zinc For Overactive Thyroid

This is my second time having an overactive thyroid in about 4.5 years. The first time I was totally new to it and had horrible symptoms and took a few trips to A&E for the doctors to diagnose me. This time around wasn’t feeling great and said i would go get bloods done to check my thyroid, as hadnt gotten it checked in maybe 2 years! So the first time I had it I was living in a different city in Ireland so i was seeing a different Endo, which opted for Block and Replace treatment, which I found really good – was on this for 18 months and given the all clear. This time around I am seeing a different Endo who would not put me on the Block and Replace treatment, so am just on 20mg carbimazole now the last month and 10mg for a month before that. Still not feeling great, have good days and bad days, but I just remember feeling a lot better when doing the B&R. So i have started taking some supplements too, Omega 3, a multivitamin and a selenium & zinc tablet also, has anyone else ever tried the selenium and zinc that could share their experiences? Or any other supplements that has made an improvement on their health and wellbeing?

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Do Supplements Really Help

If you are worried about becoming deficient in selenium, the next thing you may be considering is supplementing with it. Is this the right idea?

Well think of this in two unique ways:

  • Cutting the risk of getting thyroid disease
  • Managing your current thyroid disease status

There is some pretty encouraging stuff right here. What we have are at least three large, placebo-controlled double-blind studies, showing that selenium supplementation can lower the level of thyroid antibodies.

This can be over a period of around six months, and often involves a reduction of 25-55% for thyroid peroxidase. Levels can be as dramatic for antithyroglobulin, but anti-TPO can go down a pretty large amount by selenium alone.

The study referenced showed that the most effective dose is around 100-200 micrograms per day. They also showed that selenium supplements can lower abnormal findings as found on thyroid ultrasounds.

This is absolutely great news, as those same supplements had no clear effect on thyroid hormone levels. They did not shift them up or down, for good or ill, but they did lower the autoimmune process8.

What Were The Findings Of This Particular Study

How Important is Selenium for Thyroid Function?

When both inositol and selenium were introduced to the blood samples, the levels of cell toxicity from the stress were reduced âwith myo-inositol+selenomethionine being the most potent additionâ, or having the greatest therapeutic effect compared to just myo-inositol alone or selenomethionine alone.

When the researchers examined the activity of the cells that are triggered to fight infection , with the addition of selenomethionine or the combination of myo-inositol and selenomethionine, there was a drop in the response of these special infection-fighting cells which went below what was measured with exposure to stress that even fell below the baseline condition! Itâs not that these infection-fighting cells became less effective. These cells were able to lower their level of activity because they werenât needed as greatly by the body. Inositol and selenium were at work in protecting the cell samples!

Specifically, the higher the concentration of selenomethionine or the combination of myo-inositol and selenomethionine, the more protective the effect on the cells. What is truly remarkable is that in the Hashimotoâs thyroiditis group, the infection-fighting cells responded even more significantly to the supplementation of myo-inositol and selenomethionine compared to the control group.

Treated subjects received inositol and selenium in tablet form in the dosages of 600 mg and 83 micrograms respectively for six months.

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Control Groups For The Evaluation Of Se

A control group for the evaluation of Se levels was taken from a general practice . These patients were clinically investigated by RM and HM. The geographical origin of this control group was similar to that of the thyroid patients, i.e. all subjects lived in the province of Tirol in Austria. By this, differences due to different geographical origin were minimized. In this group of patients the following laboratory investigations were available: kidney function tests, liver function tests, red and white cell counts, electrolytes, and thyroid function tests. The major diagnoses in this group were: burn-out syndrome, depression, infertility, menopause, GI disorder and DM. None of these entities is known to be associated with alterations in Se levels. A second group of medically controlled subjects included 133 active winter sport athletes not having overt thyroid disease. This group included 44 females and 89 males with a mean age of 18.7 ± 4.5 years. Regular medical examinations did not reveal any pathology that can be associated to changes in Se levels. In the subgroup of 24 ski jumpers, a total of additional 124 biochemical parameters including red and white blood counts, liver function, kidney function, electrolytes, immunoglobulins, iron metabolism, vitamin B as well as an aminogram were analyzed. Correlation studies were done in relation to Se levels.

Zinc Selenium And Thyroid Function In Women

Two micronutrients that are very important for thyroid hormone metabolism are zinc and selenium. Zinc is actually used for more than 300 enzymes in the body and is also required for proper hormone function including our all-important thyroid hormone!

T3 is our active thyroid hormone the one responsible for running our metabolism. The receptors for T3 contain zinc binding proteins as such, zinc is needed for both the formation and also function of T3 in our bodies and in addition to this, TRH which is secreted from our hypothalamus requires zinc to work as well. Zinc deficiency will inhibit our thyroid hormone function in a variety of ways and this is why getting enough is very important for those who have hypothyroidism.

Selenium, we all know is one of the most important micronutrients for thyroid function. It can reduce thyroid antibodies, and plays a crucial role in thyroid hormone synthesis. It also shields the thyroid against damage as its a key component of glutathione peroxicase our thyroids antioxidant protector. In fact, the thyroid has the highest concentration in the entire body of selenium.

The supplementation was continued for a period of 12 weeks. Measurements of common thyroid hormones were taken.

  • The Results of the Study Were Promising.
  • What to Know About Supplementing Zinc
  • What to Know About Supplementing Selenium
  • Foods Rich in Zinc
  • Foods Rich in Selenium

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Uti : : Overactive Bladder And Occasional Urge Incontinence

I am 50, male, and I have been poorly for a few weeks following a severe UTI, although I feel much better now than I was. Without going into the whole story, the pain I had was so sudden and severe that I had to be taken to A&E in an ambulance. I wondered if I had kidney stones, but I’ve now had a follow-up ultrasound scan of my kidneys and abdomen and this was clear. Had already had PSA blood test back in June which was also OK, so I don’t think it is my prostate. I have no idea how the infection occurred and it is seems as if it was just one of those things.I do have overactive bladder and occasional urge incontinence but I have never had a UTI before.Other pre-existing conditions are high blood pressure, overweight and high cholesterol, also history of peptic ulcers and duodenitis, as well as mental health issues, but nothing you would think would cause this specific condition. I just wondered if anyone out there reading this post have had something similar or can help. I know UTIs are rare in men & I don’t think I’ve quite got to the bottom of things yet. Has anyone else had any other tests other than ultrasound, and I wondered if they revealed anything more?

Selenium As A Treatment For Autoimmune Thyroiditis

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Selenium

Less is known about how to treat the autoimmune process that is taking place in Hashimotos, but a promising study published in the Society for Endocrinology shows that moderate supplementation with the nutrient selenium may decrease thyroid antibodies in Autoimmune Thyroiditis. The study showed the most benefit from taking daily selenium doses of 200mcg, which decreased levels of both Anti-TPO and Anti-TG antibodies.

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What Were The Results

TSH, TPO antibody and Tg antibody levels were significantly decreased in the Hashimotoâs patients after six months of taking the supplement.

The researchers also found a significant increase of T3 and T4 which means an improved functioning of the thyroid! Additionally, these subjects reported that their quality of life had been enhanced by experiencing fewer symptoms of Hashimotoâs thyroiditis.

In the hyperthyroid patient, the TSH levels increased dramatically to the point where the researchers said the improvement was substantial enough to call it a âcomplete restoration of TSH values at a normal range.â

Foods That Improve Thyroid Function

Is your thyroid functioning properly? Thyroid hormones are essential as they regulate energy levels, metabolism, body temperature, mood, heart rate, and blood pressure.

If your thyroid is not producing enough hormones, a condition known as hypothyroidism, it can affect your body in negative ways and leave you feeling sluggish.

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Which Form Of Selenium Is Best And How Much Is A Safe Dose

Sodium selenate and selenite are the most popular forms of selenium but only about 50% is absorbed. In addition, these forms of selenium increase the risk of selenium toxicity. Selenomethionine is the preferred form of selenium supplementation as it is the form found naturally in food and about 90% of it is absorbed. 200 micrograms each day is a safe dose as long as it is in the form of selenomethionine.

Urinary Incontinence : : Oxybutynin

Why your thyroid NEEDS Selenium ( SIGNS of DEFICIENCY)

I have overactive bladder and have had problems for years; I take oxybutynin which was helping quite a lot but since I’ve been having some other gynae problems the incontinence has become much worse again in the last few weeks/months. I’m waiting for tests at the moment so hoping this will give me more idea what I can do long term but in the meantime, trying to adjust to dealing with the wetting accidents again and manage it as best I can.

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Selenium Can Normalize An Under Active Thyroid

A study has shown that if your thyroid gland is mildly under active due to autoimmune disease, taking a selenium supplement can bring your hormone levels back up to normal. This is so significant because autoimmune disease is the most common cause of an under active thyroid . Many parts of the world have selenium deficient soils. That means the food supply is low and many people arent getting the level of selenium required for a healthy thyroid gland.

In this particular study, patients received 83mcg of selenium for four months. At the end of the trial, one third of patients achieved normal hormone levels. I normally recommend higher levels of selenium supplementation; usually between 150 and 300 mcg daily. Selenium helps the thyroid gland in several ways; it reduces the production of thyroid antibodies, which are produced by the immune system and attack the thyroid. Selenium reduces inflammation in the thyroid, helping to improve the ability of thyroid cells to manufacture hormones. Selenium is also required by the enzyme that converts T4 thyroid hormone into the active form called T3.

Seleniums Impact On The Thyroid

In adults, the thyroid is the organ that has the highest concentration of selenium in the body, and this mineral plays a key role in your thyroid glands ability to produce thyroid hormone. Having an optimal amount of selenium in your diet is vital not just for preventing thyroid disease, but for your overall health.

A selenium deficiency is associated with a variety of thyroid issues, including:

  • Thyroid cancer
  • Graves disease

Iodinethe building block and key ingredient of thyroid hormoneactually requires selenium in order to be synthesized properly into thyroid hormone.

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What You Can Do Today To Start Feeling Better

If you have Hashimotos, you likely have one or more nutrient deficiencies. And while you do need to investigate and correct any underlying root causes , in the meantime, selenium supplementation could make you feel better.

While there isnt specific testing I would recommend relating to measuring selenium levels, taking a consistent, therapeutic dosage of;selenium each day has been shown to reduce thyroid antibodies, reduce symptoms , and improve overall well-being.

Selenium is necessary for thyroid hormone conversion of T4 to T3. It also helps your body in other ways. Remember, it supports your overall immune health. It also promotes healthy blood flow, and in synergy with vitamin E, it protects normal cell function as well as enhances the function of certain energy producing cells.

I created an infographic that you can use on social media to share the benefits of selenium:

Even if you havent yet been diagnosed with thyroid disease due to having a normal TSH level, you could still have thyroid antibodies, and I recommend testing for those. It is easy and inexpensive, and;antibody testing;provides you with early warning information that can help you prevent further damage to your thyroid.

I hope this helps you on your healing journey! Let me know how taking selenium and vitamin E work for you.


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