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How To Speed Up Your Thyroid To Lose Weight

Understanding Impact Of Obesity On The Thyroid Gland

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism Without Exercise (& Boost Thyroid Function!)

If an obese person with normal thyroid function has a higher TSH, Dr. Kitahara says, ”it may be a consequence of excess weight,” she says. Research also suggests that weight loss interventions may be best to reduce the risk of developing a high TSH level.

Reducing TSH to normal levels may also lower thyroid cancer risk, she says, since TSH fuels the growth of thyroid cells and TSH levels are found to be high in thyroid cancer patients with aggressive tumors, she says. More research is needed in this area, however, she says.1,3

How To Manage Your Weight

If you have hypothyroidism and the start of treatment gets your weight where it should be, you may still find a challenge ahead. Even after your thyroid levels go back to the normal range, Harris says, many people still find it hard to stay at a healthy weight.

The best plan for reaching your weight goal is to focus on the things you can control.

Exercise regularly. “Exercise is a great way to boost metabolism, strengthen bones, build muscle, manage stress, and improve health,” Harris says.

If you’re a beginner, she suggests that you start with a daily walk and gentle yoga.

Curb your stress: If you’re under pressure, it can lead to a cycle of poor eating choices, fatigue, and depression.

When you feel stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Too much of it can interfere with the production of your thyroid hormone. Pay attention to things that cause you stress and try to avoid them.

Get enough sleep. Getting shut-eye can pack a big health punch.

“Sleep is the body’s time to take care of repair and maintenance in the body, and it’s essential for weight loss and overall health,” Harris says.

Will I Have The Same Dose Of Medication For Hypothyroidism My Entire Life

The dose of your medication can actually change over time. At different points in your life, you may need to have the amounts of medication changed so that it manages your symptoms. This could happen because of things like weight gain or weight loss. Your levels will need to be monitored throughout your life to make sure your medication is working correctly.

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Danna On Focusing On Health Choices That Are In Her Control

Danna Bowman, co-founder of Thyroid Refresh, always assumed that the weight fluctuations she experienced as a teen were a normal part of life. In fact, she blamed herself, thinking she wasnt eating right or exercising enough.

As a teen, she says the amount she wanted to lose was never more than 10 pounds, but it always seemed like a monumental task. Weight was easy to put on and difficult to take off, thanks to her hormones.

My weight was like a pendulum swinging back and forth for decades, especially after both of my pregnancies it was a battle I wasnt winning, says Bowman.

Add More Protein Into Your Diet

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Along with proper exercise, Dr. Apovian says protein is the other key to building muscle. Her suggestion is backed by the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management, which recommends a higher-protein diet of 1.2 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of ideal body weight for women with hypothyroidism. That means, if your ideal weight is 130 pounds , you should have 70 to 90 grams of protein daily.

A good rule is to build your meals around protein, but also include lots of veggies, healthy carbs like fresh fruit and whole grains, and healthy fats like avocados and olive oil.

Even with these guidelines, it’s worth working with an R.D. to come up with a personal diet plan for hypothyroidism, as certain foods or dietary restrictions can screw with your hormone levels even more.

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How To Lose Belly Weight After 50

One of the most frustrating parts of aging how metabolic rate declines and weight gain seems to go to all the wrong places like the belly pooch.

Experts agree that the only way to reduce belly fat is an integrated approach encompassing both diet and exercise. These are some tips to fight for that flat belly after 50 we know you can do it!

How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose Once The Hypothyroidism Is Treated

Since much of the weight gain in hypothyroidism is accumulation in salt and water, when the hypothyroidism is treated one can expect a small weight loss. As in the treatment with hyperthyroidism, treatment of the abnormal state of hypothyroidism with thyroid hormone results in a return of body weight to what it was before the hypothyroidism developed. Since weight gain may have many causes and develops over a long period of time, it is fairly common to find that there is not a large amount of weight loss after successful treatment of hypothyroidism. Again, if all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism other than weight gain resolve with thyroid hormone treatment, it is unlikely that the weight gain was solely due to the thyroid. Once hypothyroidism has been treated and thyroid hormone levels are in the normal range, the ability to gain or lose weight is the same as in individuals who do not have thyroid problems.

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High Thyroid Hormone Levels

Perhaps youâve been feeling lots of anxiety before an important job interview â and it just doesnât seem to go away. Well, it could be more than just nerves, since high thyroid levels are known to heighten anxiety.

This is just one example of the consequences of high thyroid hormone levels. Other consequences? Swift weight loss, high blood pressure, and thinning hair â to name a few. When your thyroid hormone levels get too high, you can also experience tremors and an irregular heartbeat â and have a hard time concentrating or sleeping.

As you can see, high thyroid hormone levels can disrupt your health in many different ways â the frightening aftermath of a thyroid gland gone awry. Fortunately, medical researchers and scientists have discovered several different causes of hyperthyroidism . Autoimmune disorders â such as Gravesâ disease â can lead to an overactive thyroid that pumps out too much thyroid hormones . A malfunctioning pituitary gland can likewise coax your thyroid gland into gushing out too much thyroid hormone. Dietary supplements intended for weight loss may also trigger hyperthyroidism TSH levels . In some cases, a healthcare provider may prescribe thyroid medication to help rebalance hormone levels in the body.

The Most Effective Strategies How To Increase Your Metabolism And Weight Loss With Hypothyroidism

How to speed up my metabolism to lose weight

An Interview with Matt Stone who is the author and independent health researcher behind

1. It is a well-known fact that thyroid disease runs in the family. Many of Outsmart Disease readers are concerned about passing by the bad genes to their children and that they will also get the disease. What can be done as a prevention of autoimmune and thyroid disorders or do we completely depend on what we inherit from our parents?

Matt Stone: To prevent any inherited disease, certainly including a low metabolism or autoimmune tendencies, it pays to get your body in the best working order as possible. This usually gets back to the simple basics of getting plenty of sleep, minimizing stress hormone production in a multitude of other ways in addition to sleep, and eating a very thyroid-supportive diet.

The most metabolically-stimulating foods are sugar, starch, salt, and saturated fat. Calories are extremely important as well. No adult female of reproductive age should ever eat fewer than 2,000 calories per day, and 3,000 and higher would be a much safer target .

The food eaten should be highly digestible as well, devoid of a lot of coarse whole grains, raw vegetables, and the like. It is also extremely important not to consume excess fluids, and to keep the urine yellow at all times.

With hypothyroidism you are always going to see abnormalities with sex hormone balances as well usually more estrogen and testosterone in proportion to progesterone in females.

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Hold On Give Me A Refresher On Hypothyroidism

ICYMI, hypothyroidism affects about 5 percent of Americans and happens when your thyroid doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones.

When it’s functioning normally, those hormones produced by the thyroid regulate how your body uses energy, keeping the brain, muscles, and organs working in fact, most people don’t even know that their thyroid is there until there’s a problem with it, says Marilyn Tan, MD, an endocrinologist at Stanford Health Care’s Endocrinology Clinic. But when there’s a problem, you’ll know itthat little gland can cause a whole slew of issues, like changes in body temperature, skin texture, and, yes, weight fluctuations.

Signs your thyroid is out of whack:

For women with hypothyroidism, it often feels like their hormones are working against them when it comes to weight loss, and, well, that’s because they kind of are. In addition to everything else they do, thyroid hormones also regulate your metabolism and low levels of thyroid hormones make for a slower metabolism, says Elizabeth Pearce, MD, an endocrinologist specializing in thyroid disorders at Boston Medical Center.

Women with hypothyroidism tell me theyre on 1,200 calorie diet and they cant lose weight. In the end, its much more difficult to lose weight and keep it off,” says Caroline Apovian, MD, an endocrinologist, weight-loss researcher, and director of the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management at Boston Medical Center.

Why Is Weight Loss Hard When You Have An Underactive Thyroid

The million dollar question.

‘The thyroid is responsible for regulating metabolism, so it directly affects whether you are gaining or losing weight,’ says nutritionist and weight-loss specialist Milena Kaler. ‘When the thyroid is underactive, your metabolism slows down, making it harder to lose weight.

Having an underactive thyroid slows the metabolism and changes how the body uses fat, protein and carbs

Add to that, the fact that a healthy thyroid gland also plays a role in determining how fat, protein and carbs are used in the body, and, well, you get the picture.

‘Most people with hypothyroidism experience weight gain around the middle,’ Kaler says.

The good news is thats not the end of the story. Small tweaks to how to dine and train can make a notable difference in helping you reach your healthy weight with an underactive thyroid.

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Iodine For Thyroid Support

Some may be deficient in iodine which leads to lower thyroid function. Iodine is needed to produce thyroid hormone.

A word of caution: Iodine may not be appropriate for those with Hashimotos as many report that taking iodine can cause a flare up and increase the autoimmune attack. It is best to work with a healthcare professional on this one, and iodine testing may be most appropriate.

Interestingly enough, some research has said that when patients severely restrict iodine, they were able to reduce their autoimmune attack.

Overall, iodine intake recommendations vary from person to person. So, there is no general recommendation. Get tested! I plan to do my iodine loading test sometime soon, and will let you know how it goes.

Making Changes For The Future

2 0f 8

Mahar ditched calorie restriction as a form of weight loss, and now aims for high-nutrient, anti-inflammatory meals composed of organic produce, healthy fats, high-quality animal protein, and some gluten-free grains.

I no longer count calories, but I keep an eye on my weight, and most importantly, I listen to my body, she says.

In fact, since making this shift in 2015, her Hashimotos antibodies have gone down by half and continue to drop. I feel so much better and rarely get sick Its not an overstatement to say that I got my life back.

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Get A Diagnosis As Quickly As Possible

If your thyroid is underactive, inadequate treatment may make weight loss almost impossible, despite diet and exercise. And the longer it takes you to get diagnosed, the more weight you could gain.

When you have mild hypothyroidism, even before your TSH is elevated enough to warrant treatment, your metabolism can slow down significantly, causing you to burn fewer calories each day. Hypothyroidism can also make you tired, achy, and less likely to exercise, leading to further weight gain. And, when youre tired, you may crave and eat more sugary foods and carbohydrates for energy.

If you have symptoms of thyroid disease, see your doctor right away and get informed about the diagnosis and treatment process.

Are There Any Foods I Can Eat To Help My Hypothyroidism

Most foods in western diets contain iodine, so you do not have to worry about your diet. Iodine is a mineral that helps your thyroid produce hormones. One idea is that if you have low levels of thyroid hormone, eating foods rich in iodine could help increase your hormone levels. The most reliable way to increase your hormone levels is with a prescription medication from your healthcare provider. Do not try any new diets without talking to your provider first. Its important to always have a conversation before starting a new diet, especially if you have a medical condition like hypothyroidism.

Foods that are high in iodine include:

  • Eggs.
  • Edible seaweed.
  • Iodized salt.

Work with your healthcare provider or a nutritionist to craft a meal plan. Your food is your fuel. Making sure you are eating foods that will help your body, along with taking your medications as instructed by your healthcare provider, can keep you healthy over time. People with thyroid condition should not consume large amounts of iodine because the effect may be paradoxical .

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Dont Be A Couch Potato

You have to be active if you want to speed up your metabolism with hypothyroidism.

Now, you dont need to exercise for hours. Simple activities such as cleaning the house or doing laundry can boost your metabolism.

If you are always working at your desk, try answering phone calls while standing up. Stand up when you are not busy and walk around the office.

Instead of binging on Netflix on the weekends, go for short walks or play with the kids.

Tips For Losing Weight While Dealing With Hypothyroidism

Workout Tips : How to Lose Weight With an Underactive Thyroid

Achieving healthy weight loss starts with finding the right doctor that understands your situation and is willing to look beyond calorie restriction. Additionally, there are lifestyle changes you can make. Mahar and Bowman share four tips for losing weight while dealing with hypothyroidism.

  • Listen to your body. Being mindful of what your body is telling you is one of the most important steps you can take, Bowman says. What works for one person may or may NOT work for you, she explains. Learn to pay attention to the signals your body is giving you and adjust based on those signs.
  • foundational piece of the puzzle. Our bodies need the best nutrition we can give them. Thats why making cooking a priority as well as preparing meals with clean, organic ingredients is so important, says Mahar. Educate yourself about what foods support or thwart thyroid function and autoimmune health, and spend time figuring out your unique dietary triggers.
  • that work for you. When it comes to exercise, Mahar says, sometimes less is more. Exercise intolerance, hypermobility, or exercise-induced autoimmune flares are risks that hypothyroid patients need to understand, she explains.
  • Treat it as a lifestyle, not a diet. Get off that silly hamster wheel, Bowman says. Aim to make healthy food choices, drink plenty of water, commit to daily movement , and make yourself a priority. You get one chance and one body. Make it count.
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    Will Hypothyroidism Make Me Gain Weight

    If your hypothyroidism is not treated, you could gain weight. Once you are treating the condition, the weight should start to lower. However, you will still need to watch your calories and exercise to lose weight. Talk to your healthcare provider about weight loss and ways to develop a diet that works for you.

    First Things First: You’ve Gotta Get It Diagnosed

    If youre experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidismfatigue, unexplained weight gain, increased sensitivity to cold, constipation, and dry skinit’s time to see your doctor, who will do a blood test to determine your TSH levels.

    After a diagnosis, you’ll likely start treatment for hypothyroidismand it’s a pretty straightforward approach: Youll be prescribed a cheap, safe, and effective synthetic hormone that replaces the one your body should be making on its own. The medication will restore normal levels of TSH.

    Something to be wary of, though: at-home thyroid testing. Even if the results are reliable, it will likely be difficult for you to understand how to interpret the lab, or what action should be taken if you see an abnormal result, Dr. Isaacs adds.

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    After Medication Adjust Your Expectations

    In a perfect world, any weight gained by hypothyroidism would magically fall off after you start taking the meds, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way: Normalizing the thyroid with thyroid hormone will not cause the weight gain to be reversed, says Dr. Tan. To lose that weight, you actually need to work at it, which I know seems very unfair because you just gained it easily.

    Scott D. Isaacs, MD, medical director of Atlanta Endocrine Associates, agrees. If blood tests are normal and youre no longer technically hypothyroid, the weight-loss playing field is essentially “even” in that case, he saysmeaning you still have to work at dropping pounds.

    Also important: Some info circulating the web suggests that certain medications or combinations of medications can lead to weight loss quicker than others, but none of that has been proven true, says Dr. Isaacsit’s all totally dependent on your body and your weight-loss efforts.


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