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How To Reduce Double Chin Due To Thyroid

How To Control Weight Gain In Thyroid

Could your thyroid troubles be due to nutrient deficiencies? | How to get rid of thyroid permanently

Your voice is hoarse and your face is puffy. You are losing your hair and gaining weight. Seeing all these, you are going into depression, everybody is noticing your mood swings and a drastic change in behaviour. What the hell is happening to you? You would deny but you could be suffering from HYPOTHYROIDISM.

We sometimes ignore the small warnings that our body gives, thinking that the problem will go away itself. But if you want to ward off major health issues, take a serious note of these changes, get yourself tested and treated timely.

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Lion Pose Facial Yoga Pose For Chubby Cheeks

Lions Pose is considered as one of the most powerful breathing exercises ;and facial yoga poses to reduce face fat. It also reduces and releases the tension in your jaw, neck, and face.;;;

This facial yoga exercise leaves you feeling energized and strong. One of the benefits of practising this facial yoga pose is that it activates your thyroid glands for those suffering from thyroid-related issues thereby increasing your metabolism rate.;

This slimming exercise stimulates the platysma a thin, rectangular-shaped muscle in front of your throat. Thus, helping to strengthen and tone your face muscles as you age. ;

Lion Pose also works wonders for facial beauty. When you stretch your tongue out, it increases blood flow on the face thus, rejuvenating the facial cells. Therefore, giving your skin a radiant glow and helps to define your cheekbones. ;

How to do;;

Step 1;

Kneel down on the floor and sit on your heels. If you dont find it comfortable to sit in this position then you can even sit cross-legged. ;

Step 2;

Then, place your hands on your thighs;and slightly lean forward.;Hold this pose and take a deep breath.;

Step 3;

As you exhale out,;open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out forcefully, almost like you are trying to touch your chin with your tongue.;;

Step 4;

Then, as you stick your tongue out make a Ha sound that replicates the roar of a lion. Hold this yoga pose for 20-30 seconds while breathing normally;through the mouth;and then release.;;

How Did I Get A Double Chin

Contrary to popular belief, double chins arent always caused by weight gain. In fact, your double chin may have one or more causes that may surprise you. Common causes of double chins are:

  • Genetic factors
  • Age
  • Lack of exercise
  • Long-term poor posture

Its easy for fat and skin to accumulate below your chin, causing a double chin, because gravity pulls it there. Once you understand the causes of your double chin, you can explore appropriate treatment options.

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Tongue Press Double Chin Exercise

This simple exercise to reduce double chin actually offers fast results. The steps to perform the tongue press exercise are given below.

  • Sit straight on a chair and tilt your head upwards to look at the ceiling
  • Now stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth and apply as much pressure as you can
  • Bring your chin downwards while keeping your tongue forcefully still
  • Pull your chest away from your chin
  • Relax after 30 seconds and repeat 2 sets with 20 reps each at least 3 times a day to get best results within a week

Finding Relief For Dry Flaky Skin

101 Hair Clinic

If your thyroid doesnt make enough hormone, your skin may show it. These steps can help restore your complexion.

  • Moisturize.;A rich emollient moisturizer can help ease dryness. Look for thicker creams or a balm not lotions, which are too thin that contain nourishing ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, dimethicone, urea, or shea butter. Apply after cleansing to seal moisture in skin. Skip skin products such as toners that contain alcohol, which can worsen dryness and irritation.
  • Hydrate.;Make sure to drink plenty of water, and minimize beverages that dehydrate your skin, such as those with alcohol and caffeine, advises Benjamin Barankin, MD, the founder of the Toronto Dermatology Centre in Ontario.
  • Keep cool in the bath. Instead of bathing or showering in hot water, use cool-to-warm water. Then, when coming out, pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it,” Dr. Barankin says. “Apply a good moisturizer within three minutes to seal the moisture in and cover up with PJs or a robe.
  • Humidify your house.;Having a home humidifier or, even better, a cool-mist one set to 35 to 45 percent humidity in your bedroom, is also helpful, Barankin says.
  • Rethink your makeup.;If you’ve been using foundation for oily skin, you may need to switch to one for dry skin. Before dabbing it on, prep skin with a moisturizer containing SPF. A dermatologist can suggest formulas or brands that wont further irritate your skin.

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What Is The Evaluation Of A Thyroid Goiter

The following are a list of tests that are required in the evaluation of a patient with a Thyroid Goiter.

  • Complete Medical History and Physical Examination
  • Ultrasound
  • T3 and T4
  • Thyroglobulin
  • Thyroglobulin Antibody
  • Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Ultrasound with possible Fine Needle Aspiration guided

Medical history and physical examination is required for all patients with a thyroid goiter

If there is a suspicion that you may have a thyroid goiter, your health care professional will want to know your complete medical history. You will be asked questions about your possible risk factors, symptoms, and any other health problems or concerns. If someone in your family has had a diagnosis of thyroid goiter, thyroid cancer or other endocrine cancers, these are important factors.

How To Lose A Double Chin Without Any Surgery

Other than going under the knife, you have some alternative options as well. It is better to engage yourself in some easy facial exercises that can help you lose your double chin. Facial exercises not only improve blood circulation but counteract wrinkles along with your jawline.

Lets check out some of the most common exercises for double chin.

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Natural Ways To Reduce Your Double Chin

Believe it or not, getting rid of your double chin can begin right away at home. Exercising is a natural way to burn fat in our bodies. So, by exercising the muscles around your double chin, you can gradually do away with this submental fat. Of course, you must perform these exercises regularly for the best results. Some of these facial exercises include:

  • Slow neck rotations/rolls
  • Stretching your tongue up and out for 10-second intervals
  • Chin presses with or without the aid of a resistance ball
  • Jutting out your lower jaw forward and holding it
  • Puckering your lips while tilting your head backwards

Even chewing gum regularly can get your jaw muscles in motion, burning that stubborn double chin fat slowly but surely. Regular, full-body exercise will also help reduce your lower chin and promote your bodys overall health as a bonus.

Focusing on your bodys nutritional intake can also help you get rid of your extra chin. Try to consume more vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, and stay away from processed and fried food as well as those high in sugar and fat content. Some fats, like omega-3 fatty acids, however, can be beneficial for your skin and overall health. Avocados, nuts, olive oil, and fish contain these healthy fats. By focusing on your diet, you might lose weight as well as some of the submental fat responsible for your double chin.

Can Chewing Gum Make Your Face Thinner And Reduce Double Chin

How to reduce double chin and extra fat from neck in just 1 week | Tamil | #growyoungerwithmaha

Studies by researchers show that chewing gum can be a good exercise for your jaw muscles and helps to tone up your facial muscles and neck.

But it doesnt change the shape of the face. So, it wont make your face thinner, but itll definitely tone your face. I chew gum to exercise my facial muscles and neck. But just be careful not to overdo it because you could overtight and overwork your jaw muscles, which would lead to other problems like TMJ.

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Surgery For Double Chin

Cosmetic surgeons tend to practice quite a few procedures to remove double chin. They may opt for any one of the following procedures:

Face-lift: In a face-lift surgery, a patient is administered anesthesia. After it, the surgeon removes the saggy and loose fat around the neckline.

Liposuction: In liposculpting, the surgeon uses suction or a laser to remove fat from the neck and chin. This procedure does not affect the elasticity of the skin, but only removes the skin0

Neck-lift: In a neck-lift surgery, the surgeon removes extra skin via cervicoplasty. Otherwise, if the skin is not too saggy then the tightening neck muscle procedure is applied to contour neck muscles.

You may experience swelling and bruising after any of these procedures for around 10 to 14 days. Smokers or individuals who tend to use anti-clotting drugs should avoid these procedures as they may experience intensive bleeding after any clinical surgery. But that doesnt mean taking drugs can hinder your wish to get rid of your double chin. Heres what you can do instead.

What Causes A Double Chin

;Before we look at how to get rid of a double chin lets take a quick glance at the top 5 causes:-

  • Weight Gain or Obesity: The more fat deposits you have around your body, the more face fatand neck fat that you will have. Weight gain or being overweight and obese can lead to a double chin.
  • Conversely, dramatic weight loss;can leave loose or sag skin that hangs down and causes a double chin appearance. So, always follow a healthy weight loss diet.
  • Ageing: Unfortunately, age not only brings about the turkey neck but it can cause everything to droop or hang a little bit lower, including the chin.
  • Genetics: Unfortunately, some of us are just born with a propensity to develop a double chin blame your mum or your dad.
  • Bad posture: Yes, stooping over that laptop or iPhone twenty hours a day is going to do nothing towards a nice, chiselled jawline.
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    Why A Lowered Position Of The Hyoid Bone Poses A Health Risk

    When you swallow foods or liquids, you’ll feel some movements around your thyroid. Actually, the hyoid bone is responsible for this upward and downward motion and is essential for proper swallowing.

    Both swallowing and eating is a highly complex mechanism. Swallowing involves the process of making foods or drinks pass from the mouth, to the pharynx, then into the esophagus.

    The hyoid bone plays a vital role in this process as it helps prevent the food from going to the windpipe . A lowered hyoid bone can cause this process to fail and may make the foods go to the windpipe instead. This is colloquially referred to as foods “going down to the wrong pipe”.

    Foreign materials like food and liquid going to the windpipe or airways leading to the lungs can cause lung inflammation, which is medically called “pulmonary aspiration”. This is very dangerous and can cause choking or death within minutes, including increased risk of pneumonia.

    In addition, a dislocated or lowered hyoid bone can worsen the movement of the tongue by not enabling it to stick to the upper jaw. The tendency is that the tongue will easily accumulate dirt or bacteria. This can contribute to bad breath and gum diseases.

    Causes Of Double Chin

    KYBELLA® Double Chin Treatment

    Wondering what went wrong that you developed a double chin despite looking after your skin? Well, we have the answer. Double chin is though mostly associated with weight gain, the causes still extend much beyond just weight and even slim women have it. So, before you can learn about the ways on how to reduce double chin, you must know the reasons and causes behind it.

  • Genetic Conditions You are more likely to develop a double chin if your parents or anyone in your family tree have had it
  • Poor Posture Poor posture is commonly associated with the formation of a double chin. It is because a wrong posture can loosen the skin, causing the cells to lose elasticity. As a result, the skin sags that leads to double chin
  • Obesity Obesity is caused by fat accumulation throughout the body. And its very common for obese people to have a double chin
  • Improper Skin Maintenance When you do not moisturize your skin, the cells lose their elasticity. As a result, the skin right under the chin becomes loose that leads to the formation of a double chin
  • Aging Aging is something that you cannot control. And the skin happens to lose its elasticity as the cells age. Which is why a double chin is fairly common in mature women
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    Thank Genetics For Your Double Chin

    Even with a healthy diet and exercise, you may not be able to budge that extra layer of fat under your chin, thanks to your ancestors. Double chins are often hereditary, so theres not much you can do about avoiding one if youre genetically predisposed.

    What does it mean if youre the heir of a double chin? Unfortunately, no matter how much you exercise or eat well, it doesnt make a difference to that turkey waddle under your jaw. While you may be in good shape overall, a double chin makes your face appear heavier than the rest of you.

    What Causes Double Chin

    Before treating the illness one must be aware of its causes. Though not an illness, it is as important as that to be aware of the causes of your double chin. We all are born with one and how we double it is a valid question to be solved.

    • âFamily Treasures

    Not a treasure but of course a pressure for most. The double fold between your jaw and the neck might be the inherited tendency from your parents or grandparents. The tissues, overtime weakens and the supportive muscles of neck, alone with age, loots out your skins elasticity, leaving your posture a rubble. The inherited genetic pattern of genes adds oil to the fire and heats up the situation to worse.

    • âPoor Diet, Rich Chins â

    Poor diet and weight gain is another far fetching reason for your double chin. Only your chin doubles, not your muscles or health thatâs ironic. The unhealthy lifestyle and undernourishment lowers your metabolism; this swallows the muscles from your chin. When you lose the base, the chin starts weakening and the entire building cramps down. That is your skin around it sags down, drooping your jaws and doubling the fat under it. Thus poor diet is for sure has an indirect connection with your unhealthy muscles and double chin. Continues double chin exercises and proper intake of nourished food can find a cure for your trouble.

    • âThe Annoying Thyroid Glands
    • âSinus the Reason for your Wryness â

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    Exercise Your Chin And Neck Regularly

    ;Your abs are not the only part of your body that benefit from exercise. You can strengthen and tone up that neck fat with a few easy exercises.

    Yes, the main neck muscle that could really do with a regular workout, and will help you lose that double chin, is called the platysma muscle.

    Exercise #1:; Firstly, open your mouth really wide. Next, move your jaw downwards as far as possible and then upwards making sure that your lower teeth touch your upper lip. Repeat this exercise as often as possible, or at least several times a day.

    Exercise #2:; Another example of a double chin exercise workout that you can do is as follows:-

    Start by tilting your head back until you are staring right at the ceiling. Next, pucker up your lips as if you are going to kiss somebody. Hold this position for five seconds and then repeat as many times as possible.

    Throughout this exercise, keep in mind to relax your other facial muscles.

    This work out is not only great for your double chin, but for the muscles of your jaw, neck, and face as well!

    Say Goodbye To Your Double Chin With Emirates Dermatology

    How to Get Rid of Bloated Face, Double Chin, Puffy Eyes & Face Fat FAST & NATURALLY

    Most people blame genetics for their double chin. They get distracted each time they see themselves in the mirror. Double chin is not associated with genetics alone. Weight gain, poor posture, age and diet can also contribute to it. The elasticity of your skin is robbed when that second chin is formed between the neck and jaw. Even though there are several exercises that can be followed to reduce your double chin, in certain cases these may not seem beneficial. Many cosmetic treatments in Abudhabi are available for double chin reduction of which EDCC provided the best SculpSure Treatment in our clinic.

    Double chin can also be called submental fat as its a layer of fat that forms below your chin. A problem that haunts you since years can be solved if you can spare a few hours in EDCC. If your healthy eating and work out is not bringing expected results then chin fat removal using the latest technology is the only solution. After all who doesnt like to look youthful by slimming the neck contour?

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    How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Fast And Easy

    by Christina Smith | Fat Loss

    So you are probably searching for How to get rid of a double chin.; It can be hard to find a perfect solution to this problem, but I will give you my best tips thatll help you to get rid of double chin fast.

    You should know that you can still be stuck with that stubborn double chin fat even though youve lost a lot of weight, and youll feel that it wont go away that easily. I can understand your problem, and I know it can be frustrating.

    So does that mean that youre stuck with your double chin fat forever?

    Genetics can play a significant role in having a double chin in some people, but it doesnt mean that youll have one forever. If you make some adjustments in your diet and workout routine, you can quickly get rid of a double chin.

    When you are working out in the gym to make yourself stronger, you see yourself in the mirror, and your eyes go directly at your double chin. I know that can be very demotivating. If you have a double chin thats not going anywhere, Ill help you get rid of it.

    If youre ready to get rid of that turkey neck that forces you to hide your chin in the photos, then youve come to the right place. Having a double chin is not a sign of being unhealthy, but it just doesnt look attractive.

    But here, Ill show you the best ways to get rid of your double chin fast, naturally and without surgery.

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