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How To Increase Your Thyroid Levels Naturally

Bottom Line: Take Care Of Your Thyroid

How to Increase Free T3 Naturally (7 Steps)

All of these changes together made a big difference for me even before I started taking thyroid medication. A reminder, though: Im not a doctor and I dont play one on the internet. I am sharing my personal experience for information purposes only. This post should not be taken as medical advice.

It was such a long road to get a diagnosis and I saw several doctors before finally getting answers. I know it can be difficult to find a local thyroid expert. This is one of the many reasons why Ive partnered with this service that matches you with an online primary care doctor based on your medical needs and lifestyle. Ive been a patient for over a year now and it has been extremely helpful in managing my thyroid condition.

Wherever you are in the process, know that you are not alone and there are some cost-effective and simple changes you can make that will help!

Have you tried any of these things to help boost thyroid functioning? What other changes have you made that have helped? Share below!

Is It Worth It

Ive just listed 7 ways to increase chances of a higher TSH. It all adds up to this list.

Take your TSH blood test:

  • After removing or reducing as many TSH-depressive factors as possible,
  • As early in the morning as possible,
  • After being sleep-deprived the night just before the test,
  • At least 12 hours after taking thyroid medication,
  • Before breakfast on the day you test,
  • If you are a pre-menopausal female, mid-cycle,
  • In the colder months of the year if you live in an extreme climate.
  • How Doctors Treat An Underactive Thyroid

    The conventional way to treat hypothyroidism is the daily supplementation of synthetic natural desiccated thyroid: liothyronine , or levothyroxine . These medications help correct the thyroid levels when the thyroid gland does not function properly.

    But they can create a rollercoaster effect on symptoms for some affected individuals. Some cannot absorb these supplements well, so doctors combine supplementation, diet, and conventional pharmaceuticals to help their thyroids.

    If an autoimmune disease is the cause of the dysfunction, doctors work on eliminating or managing the disease. But, if they find that the thyroid is able to produce normal levels of the natural thyroid hormone, doctors advise patients to change their lifestyle or address environmental factors that cause the low production of the hormone.

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    Take A Good Probiotic

    Your gut bacteria play a central role in regulating your thyroid hormones. Your gut is one of the biggest reservoirs for thyroid hormones, and good gut bacteria convert T3, a thyroid hormone, into T4, the main hormone that’s often low in hypothyroidism.

    A high-quality probiotic can help balance your gut bacteria and support the conversion of thyroid hormones. Look for a probiotic with Lactobacillus bacteria, particularly L. acidophilus and L. rhamnosus. They’re some of the most beneficial bacteria for supporting thyroid function.

    Hypothyroidism Meal Plan: 7 Days

    How To Increase Thyroid Function Naturally  Top 5 Thyroid ...

    In general, the best diet for a person with hypothyroidism contains plenty of fruits, vegetables, filling proteins, healthy fats, and moderate amounts of healthy carbohydrates.

    Still, it is important for each person to experiment and develop a diet that helps them feel their best.

    Below, find a sample 1-week meal plan for an omnivorous person with hypothyroidism:

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    Lower Your Reverse T3

    Reverse T3 and T3 are inversely proportional to each other. As one rises, the other will fall and vice-versa.

    That is because they both are produced from T4.

    So reducing your reverse T3 production will mean that more T4 is being converted into T3.

    So how do you do it?

    Think of the reverse T3 level as indirect marker of inflammation in the body. Any inflammation will typically cause the reverse T3 level to rise.

    Therefore, most of the things I list below address various forms of inflammation.

    – Reverse Insulin Resistance and Leptin Resistance

    High levels of insulin and leptin tell your body to create MORE reverse T3.

    It will be very difficult to lower your reverse T3 levels unless you address these issues.

    to read more about how to treat insulin resistance and to read more about how to treat leptin resistance.

    – High Intensity Interval Training

    Adding HIIT exercise to your regular routine will create a demand for more thyroid hormone in your body.

    In effect, it will push your T4 conversion more down the T3 pathway and reduce your reverse T3.

    – Stop Restricting Your Calories

    Calorie-restricted diets will put your body into “starvation mode.” When that happens, T3 production is rapidly reduced and reverse T3 levels soar.

    This is one of the ways that excessive calorie restriction damages your metabolism. to read more.

    – Reduce Inflammation

    These can include other autoimmune conditions, environmental toxins, and even obesity itself.

    – Take a T3 Medication

    The Thyroid Reset Diet

    This is by far the most prominent way to increase your thyroid hormone. Featuring multiple controlled human studies, which people with severe thyroid disease were found to have their thyroid hormones come back online again.

    You can learn more about The Thyroid Reset Diet, and what its all about, by clicking here .

    I am so excited to talk about the book for that result, because it is all about the results and how these people were able to regain their thyroid function. It is truly so great to see!

    In the course of 8 weeks or 12 weeks, somewhere between 60-80% of people really regained normal thyroid function just by lowering their iodine.

    Those are the numbers that got all the way normal, but if you looped in those who improved a lot, now were looking at 90-97% of people from the studies.

    The odds of improving are near definite. To date, that is the only thing to have shown to reverse thyroid disease on such an incredibly consistent basis. I would love for you to check it out.

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    What Is The Best Diet For Hypothyroidism

    Just make sure to clear any major dietary or supplemental changes with your doc. There are foods that may lower the effective dosage of thyroid medication when eaten within four to five hours of taking thyroid medication. These foods are those that are high in fiber, high in calcium, or high in iron, Morgan says.

    Who Is Able To Make More Hormone

    SLOW METABOLISM AND THYROID? – How to Fix Low Thyroid Naturally

    Not everyone can make more thyroid hormone. Here are some ideas that can help you find if it is likely for you.

    Lets start by thinking about who cannot. Those that do not have a thyroid gland are a good start because they cannot make more.

    Iodine regulation can still be one of those, because it changes how your body responds to thyroid hormones .

    Others who have had a part of their thyroid removed, that can also cut the odds of making too much.

    Then, there are those that have the most marked deficit of thyroid output. That is a combination of:

    • A very high TSH
    • Low levels of T4

    In that pattern, it is less common to see your own function come back. In more typical scenarios, the TSH is above ideal but the T4 has not plummeted.

    In those cases, there is a really good chance of thyroid function coming back again.

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    Sample Hypothyroidism Meal Plan

    A meal plan for someone with hypothyroidism should be based on a physician’s or dietitian’s advice and your body’s specific needs.

    A starting point for someone who needs a low-iodine diet can be found at the American Thyroid Association’s website. If it’s determined your underactive thyroid is caused by Addison’s disease or adrenal insufficiency, start with these diet tips.

    But despite the abundance of books and websites promoting a sample hypothyroidism diet plan, there’s no evidence that a certain course of foods will affect thyroid function. Pay attention to the nutrients your body needs or doesn’t needie., iodinebe aware of foods, drinks and supplements that can interact with any medication you’re taking, and work with your health-care professional to go from there.

    Reduce Your Stress Levels By Practicing Meditation And Exercise

    The easiest way to increase thyroid hormones is to maintain an active lifestyle and minimize your stress. Doing exercise especially in the early morning hours helps in boosting your metabolism. It also stimulates your gland to produce needed hormones. Stress can inhibit hormone production as it increases cortisol in your body. Reduce stress by practicing meditation or yoga.

    Now that you understand how to increase your thyroid naturally, go for routine thyroid tests to see if your thyroid levels are in control. Check in with a doctor regularly if you are facing any symptoms of thyroid disease. Connect with the closest and best specialists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an online doctor consultation with an endocrinologist and address your concerns from the comfort of your home.


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    Improve Your Diet And Lifestyle

    The foundation of any successful health plan always includes 5 things:

    • Healthy diet
    • Stress management
    • Good sleep hygiene

    If that foundation isn’t established, all of the supplements, medications, and other therapies will fail miserably.

    I realize that this is easier said than done, but it is critical if you want to feel your best.

    In the case of this article, you must be eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well, and managing your stress in order to maximize your T3 production.

    If you need a simple place to start, consider the Whole 30 Diet or the Ketogenic diet.

    If you are having trouble with those or if you feel you need more instruction, I would recommend hiring a nutritionist for some one-on-one instruction. You are worth it!

    I would also recommend hiring a personal trainer that will give you a personalized exercise program that will be safe and effective.

    The Function Of The Thyroid Gland

    Why Thyroid Levels Fluctuate....

    Its importance lies in the functions it has throughout the body. Itsresponsible for regulating hormonal, metabolic, and growth processes.

    It also contains a protein called thyroglobulin, which, together with iodine, stimulates the secretion of hormones to achieve optimal functioning of organs, tissues, and cells.

    It also participates in protein synthesis, cellular oxygenation, and other important tasks that keep our health in perfect condition.

    The problem is that, as with other organs, its exposed to a wide variety of factors that can unbalance it and alter its proper functioning.

    This will create a number of changes in the body. And, in addition to this, over time, it could lead to the development of serious diseases.

    Because of this, its necessary to take measures to care for it, especially providing it with the nutrients it requires for its health.

    This is why wed like to share 6 good habits that can help you improve how it functions naturally.

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    Consider Taking Specific Supplements

    There are specific supplements that can better help you balance hormones & your thyroid. The best place to start is by choosing supplements in which the majority of the population is deficient. This includes supplements such as selenium, magnesium, omega-3, and vitamin D3 with vitamin K2.

    For those who have hypothyroidism, there are a few additional supplements that can be highly beneficial. A sample of these includes Ashwagandha, iodine, methylated B vitamins, adaptogenic herbs, glutathione, and turmeric.

    Foods To Eat With Hypothyroidism

    With Andrew Cunningham MD and Nicole German Morgan RDN

    Theres no one “diet” for hypothyroidism, and food certainly isnt going to stop or cure the issue but heres what you should and shouldnt be eating to feel your best and manage your symptoms, according to the latest research.

    Our tiny but mighty thyroid gland is one of the bodys main powerhouses and when it doesnt function properly, were at risk for one of many thyroid disorders. These disorders can be frustrating, debilitating, and hard to manage but youre not alone in the battle, and it can be done. An estimated 20 million Americans live with a thyroid disorder . You or someone you love might be one of them.

    One of the most common thyroid issues? Hypothyroidism. Its a condition that occurs when the body doesnt make enough thyroid hormone versus hyperthyroidism, in which your body makes too much thyroxine hormone.

    Thyroid hormones are all-important, playing a major hand in everything from cell repair and metabolism to regulating our energy levels and moods. Without these hormones, people with hypothyroidism end up dealing with a whole range of possibly risky symptoms and complications.

    These include but are definitely not limited to:

    • debilitating fatigue
    • increasing LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol
    • joint pain

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    Sip Some Orange Juice

    Low sugar everything has been the craze now for the past couple of years and look around. What has this wonderful bit of advice done for people? Sure, at first you might feel a little better, but thats your body in survival mode with excitatory but thyroid suppressing adrenaline coursing through your veins.

    Theres a reason why you cant sustain that type of diet long term and you are eventually left with a severely damaged metabolism, severe hypothyroidism, and feeling ten times worse than when you started.

    Orange juice is yet another thyroid friendly food that has been mistakenly feared for the past decade because of its unwarranted association with common inflammatory diseases like diabetes. Yet research studies show that orange juice does not cause any oxidative or inflammatory response5, making it extremely beneficial not only for hypothyroid sufferers but for diabetics too.

    Simply sipping on some orange juice can cause a significant rise in your T3 thyroid hormone levels. And not to mention, its been shown to protect against certain cancers, including colon cancer6.

    Yet the amazing thyroid boosting benefits of orange juice have NOTHING to do with your thyroid gland at all. In fact, heres the secret: if you continue to focus entirely on your thyroid gland, then youll never improve your thyroid health.

    Ways To Reboot Your Thyroid

    How Can You Naturally Increase Thyroid Hormones?

      Maybe you’ve noticed the scale is creeping up for seemingly no reason, and you can’t pinpoint why you keep gaining weight. Or maybe you’re more tired than normal or need to wear three layers at all times because you’re constantly freezing. Sound familiar? These are all signs of an underactive thyroid , the butterfly-shaped gland located in your throat that’s responsible for your metabolism, important hormones, body temperature, and how you use energy. It also influences the function of vital organs, such as your heart, brain, liver, and kidneys.

      On the flip side, an overactive thyroid is marked by increased nervousness, anxiety, irregular heartbeat, and sudden weight loss. People who have hyperthyroidism are also at risk of developing anemia, which is an iron deficiency that leads to a lack of healthy red blood cells.

      If you’re noticing negative symptoms such as the ones listed above, your thyroid might not be functioning as optimally as it could be. Although these lifestyle and dietary changes aren’t a guaranteed cure-all, they can help regulate this important gland. If you believe you are having serious issues with your thyroid, make sure you see a doctor who can administer the proper tests and diagnosis. In the meantime, check these 20 helpful tips, as well as our 25 Best Foods to Eat For Your Thyroid and Metabolism.

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      How Hypothyroidism Affects Metabolism

      Metabolism is the process your body uses to transform food into energy. The thyroid’s T4 and T3 hormones control metabolism. Hypothyroidism means your body isn’t getting enough of those hormones, so there’s less energy for your body to use to perform its crucial tasksincluding metabolism.

      Eating the right foods will not only make you feel better and more energized, they can help combat some of the extra weight gain that comes from a slowed-down metabolism. If youre feeling cold all the time, it could be a sign that your metabolism has taken a dip .

      Minerals & nutrients for hypothyroidism

      Nutrients play a big role in thyroid function.

      Optimize Adrenal Function & Manage Stress

      Another important way to increase your free T3 is by focusing on your adrenals.

      Your adrenals sit on top of your kidneys and they produce important hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

      These hormones are released during times of stress, so the more stress you are under the more hormones your body will produce.

      This is a good thing, up to a certain point.

      But if this system is overstimulated then it can start to drag down other hormone systems such as your thyroid.

      It has been shown that as cortisol increases your TSH may increase as well .

      This scenario may lead to characteristic symptoms including:

      • Debilitating fatigue even after a good night sleep
      • “Wired but tired” sensation
      • Increased energy at night and no energy in the morning
      • Constant weight gain

      The good news is that you can take certain steps to help fix these symptoms and improve your adrenal function:

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      Why Too Little Thyroid Hormone

      The first thing we need to do is get to the right of the question: why do we have too little thyroid hormone to begin with, and why is that happening?

      This really starts by talking about the main mechanisms by which thyroid disease operates.

      In general, what we know is that the thyroid can have damage to its cells, it can be slowed down, and the immune system can go after the thyroid protein.

      The main thing driving this comes down to a little too much iodine, in those who cannot tolerate it. The basic idea is that iodine can be a pretty dangerous chemical in the body.

      But, we also need some. In fact, its incredibly important in the right amounts. That said, some people cannot tolerate a little bit extra .

      When you have a little extra iodine, it can get stuck in the wrong parts of thyroglobulin .

      These extra amounts can cause some of the following to occur:

      • The release of free radicals
      • Damage to the adjoining cells
      • Pulling in the immune system

      At that point, the immune system starts to attack thyroglobulin, antithyroperoxidase, all while iodine is slowing down the thyroid more generally. This is the cluster of issues that ends up becoming a huge problem for so many people. All because of a little extra iodine!


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