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How To Increase Thyroid Function Naturally

The Bottom Line On Your Thyroid

How to Boost Thyroid Function Naturally

While your thyroid is probably not something that comes to mind when youre thinking of your health, its clear that the tiny endocrine organ can have a huge impact.

While you cant control whether you get a thyroid disease you can certainly adopt a healthy routine that will benefit your thyroid function. Replace the cigarettes and processed foods with a balanced diet and probiotics to get your gut health working for you! Your thyroid, in fact your whole body will thank you. If you want to find more ways for your body to thank you with clearer thinking, better moods and improved digestive health take our Comprehensive Health Assessment to get a full recommendation on the best products to take specifically for you!

Dr Axes Top 7 Remedies To Help Heal Thyroid Disease Naturally

Mon, 06/17/2019 â 13:55

Recently I had Dr. Josh Axe on my podcast to talk about natural remedies for Thyroid Disease and the segment was such a hit that I asked him to send over his top tips for this weekâ s blog! 1. Avoid Iodine DeficiencyIts well known that iodine status is a key determinant of thyroid disorders. Iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism and goiters because the mineral helps to convert and release thyroid hormones. Thyroid disorders that are caused by low iodine levels can cause heart complications, sluggish metabolism, weight fluctuations and mood changes.

There are a few ways to avoid iodine deficiency, with the most important step being eating iodine-rich foods like seaweed, wild-caught cod, organic yogurt, raw milk and eggs. Iodine supplements are also available and when taken in low doses, can help to normalize the production of thyroid hormones. But only use iodine supplements under the care of your doctor and make sure you are being monitored for side effects. High doses of iodine can actually aggravate thyroid disorder symptoms.

2. Eat Foods High in Selenium, Zinc and B VitaminsTo improve symptoms of thyroid disease, make sure you are getting enough selenium, zinc and B vitamins in your diet. These nutrients are needed for proper thyroid function and will help to balance your thyroid hormone levels.

The Thyroid Reset Diet

This is by far the most prominent way to increase your thyroid hormone. Featuring multiple controlled human studies, which people with severe thyroid disease were found to have their thyroid hormones come back online again.

You can learn more about The Thyroid Reset Diet, and what its all about, by clicking here .

I am so excited to talk about the book for that result, because it is all about the results and how these people were able to regain their thyroid function. It is truly so great to see!

In the course of 8 weeks or 12 weeks, somewhere between 60-80% of people really regained normal thyroid function just by lowering their iodine.

Those are the numbers that got all the way normal, but if you looped in those who improved a lot, now were looking at 90-97% of people from the studies.

The odds of improving are near definite. To date, that is the only thing to have shown to reverse thyroid disease on such an incredibly consistent basis. I would love for you to check it out.

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Your Gut Microbiome Can Be Friend Or Foe To Your Thyroid

Its weird to think that the bacteria living in your gut have anything to do with the thyroid or the thyroid hormones flowing around your body. But as we are learning the gut microbiota has connections to many facets of your health.

Researchers have found a strong correlation between dysbiosis and thyroid disorders. This dysbiosis can cause a 3-way blow to the thyroid with leaky gut syndrome causing an inflammatory immune response, a direct effect on thyroid hormone levels through the inhibition of thyroid stimulating hormone . Additionally, the gut microbiome influences the absorption of minerals essential for optimal thyroid function. Many of these micronutrients are often found deficient in people with autoimmune thyroid diseases .

The flip side of these findings means that taking control of dysbiosis, with the use of probiotics means you could possibly improve thyroid function.

Definition Of Functional Hypothyroidism

How To Increase Thyroid Function Naturally  Top 5 Thyroid ...

Functional hypothyroidism has been defined as a state where blood levels of thyroid hormone fall within normal range, but where temperature tests and other indicators show mild thyroid hormone deficiency . Even mild thyroid hormone deficiency can have far-reaching effects.

Sometimes referred to as subclinical hypothyroidism, functional hypothyroidism has been characterized by optimal levels of TSH and T4 with the presence of symptoms , or by slight to moderately elevated TSH levels with normal levels of T4 . The ATA defines subclinical hypothyroidism as mild subclinical hypothyroidism with normal T4 and slightly high TSH and subclinical hypothyroidism that may cause mild symptoms or none at all .

In comparison, clinical hypothyroidism is characterized by abnormal levels of thyroid hormones due to failure of the thyroid gland. Causes include loss of functional thyroid tissue1, mild to severe autoimmune conditions, genetics and congenital factors, nutrient deficiencies2, exposure to toxins, failure in the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid axis, and stress . Persons with breast cancer may develop hypothyroidism as a result of radiation treatments . The ATA defines hypothyroidism as either primary, a failure of the thyroid gland because of a condition directly affecting the thyroid gland, or secondary hypothyroidism, a rare condition resulting from an abnormality in the pituitary gland . In either case it is a permanent condition.

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Foods That Improve Thyroid Function

Is your thyroid functioning properly? Thyroid hormones are essential as they regulate energy levels, metabolism, body temperature, mood, heart rate, and blood pressure.

If your thyroid is not producing enough hormones, a condition known as hypothyroidism, it can affect your body in negative ways and leave you feeling sluggish.

Best Foods To Boost Your Thyroid

Home » Weight Loss » 15 Best Foods To Boost Your Thyroid

If you want your body to burn fat then the number one gland in your body you need to be working optimally is your thyroid gland.

Your thyroid makes and releases a hormone called Thyroid Hormone. And thyroid hormone is the accelerator pedal for your metabolism.

The more of it you have the faster your metabolic rate and the more fat you burn. The less you have of it the slower your metabolic rate and the harder it is to burn fat.

In mainstream medicine the way they alter thyroid hormone levels is with synthetic thyroid hormone drugs. However as a naturopath I take a different approach

Thyroid hormone is made from specific nutrients so by supplying your body with ample amounts of these nutrients you can boost your own production naturally.

So that means you can use food, not drugs, as your medicine!

Its an undeniable fact that your body can only run off the things you put in it. Its like your car. Your car can run on poor quality fuel but it runs much better and theres less wear and tear when you use premium fuel.

So to make sure you eat the right foods for your thyroid Ive put together a list

The 15 best foods for your thyroid

So there you have it, 15 medicinal foods you can start eating right now that boosts thyroid function.

But besides increasing your consumption of foods that are good for your thyroid you also want to avoid foods that are can be bad for your thyroid. Here is a list of the

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Stay Away From A Thing Called Triclosan

Triclosan is a common ingredient in many soaps and body washes, but it may have an adverse effect on your thyroid heath. A study conducted by the EPA showed that even minor exposure to the chemical can affect how your thyroid releases hormones. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to avoid the stuff: In December of 2017, the FDA issued a ruling banning over-the-counter products containing triclosan.

Who Is Able To Make More Hormone

How To Help Improve Thyroid Function Naturally Without Doing Anything To Your Thyroid

Not everyone can make more thyroid hormone. Here are some ideas that can help you find if it is likely for you.

Lets start by thinking about who cannot. Those that do not have a thyroid gland are a good start because they cannot make more.

Iodine regulation can still be one of those, because it changes how your body responds to thyroid hormones .

Others who have had a part of their thyroid removed, that can also cut the odds of making too much.

Then, there are those that have the most marked deficit of thyroid output. That is a combination of:

  • A very high TSH
  • Low levels of T4

In that pattern, it is less common to see your own function come back. In more typical scenarios, the TSH is above ideal but the T4 has not plummeted.

In those cases, there is a really good chance of thyroid function coming back again.

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Here Are Three Hypothyrodism Natural Treatments You Can Do To Boost Your Thyroid Function:

1. Eat more of these great sources of iodine to enhance thyroid function:

  • Low-fat cheese
  • Shellfish
  • Soy sauce

2. Eat less of these foods they slow your thyroid because they prevent it from producing thyroid hormone properly, especially when eaten raw. Cooking these foods inactivates their anti-thyroid properties. These foods are called goitrogens, which are chemicals that lower thyroid function. Eat these foods sparingly or only once every four days:

  • Almonds

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Tips For Weight Loss With Hypothyroidism

People with hypothyroidism may find that they gain weight more easily than people without the condition. This is because hypothyroidism can reduce metabolism.

Having a healthful diet rich in fruits, vegetables, filling proteins, and healthy fats can help manage weight and boost well-being. These foods are also rich in nutrients and may help people feel fuller for longer.

In addition, regular moderate- to high-intensity aerobic exercise and strength training can help boost metabolism and promote weight loss. Staying active can also improve levels of energy and the quality of sleep.

In addition, a person may notice a little weight loss typically under 10% when they take medication to treat hypothyroidism.

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Etiology Of Functional Hypothyroidism Toxins

Functional hypothyroidism can be caused or exacerbated by environmental toxins.

Environmental toxins interfere with normal cellular function. Antibody reactions and toxicity due to heavy metals or environmental pollutants adversely affect the conversion of T4 to T3 .

A vast number of chemicals have been shown to interfere with the production, transport and metabolism of thyroid hormone . In addition processed foods exposed to herbicides, pesticides, fumigants, food additives, acrylics, fungicides, and pthalates adversely affect thyroid hormone metabolism. Contaminants found in chlorinated city water, including trihalomethane, benzene, arsenic, and halogens, such as bromide, fluoride and iodide, can interfere with thyroid hormone function .

Dioxins, BPA, mercury in dental amalgams and other heavy metals interfere with the actions of thyroid hormones. Polychlorinated biphenyls, PCBs, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers resemble thyroid hormones in structure and can interfere with the HPT axis. Triclosan, found in hand sanitizers, and Splenda can interfere with thyroid hormone function . The thyroid gland is the main target organ for perchlorate, a chemical used in rocket fuel, explosives, and pyrotechnics, which in high doses can inhibit thyroid hormone production .

Improve Your Sleep Routine

How to Get Started on the 28

Not getting enough sleep can add to your bodys stress load, so prioritizing quality shuteye is key to healing your thyroid, according to Safdieh. One study published in the Annals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine even found that night shift workers, who typically have poorer sleep quality, are at higher risk for thyroid diseases than people who work a daytime schedule. There are lots of ways you can get better sleep, from developing a nighttime routine to limiting caffeine intake during the day.

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Optimize Iron & Ferritin

Adequate iron levels are required for optimal thyroid function.

This means that if you have low iron then your thyroid function may be impaired and contributing to your current set of symptoms.

One easy way to assess for iron in your body is with the use of ferritin.

Ferritin can be easily ordered through routine lab work and can give you an idea of the status of iron in your body.

Low ferritin may indicate that you have low iron stores while high iron may indicate that you have high iron stores.

When it comes to iron you want to try and get just enough.

That’s why I refer to Iron as a “Goldilocks” kind of nutrient.

Too much may cause iron overload and lead to inflammation while too few may lead to impaired thyroid metabolism.

I’ve written about how important iron is to thyroid function here, but I will point out some of the most important parts in this article:

When you are evaluating your serum ferritin you’ll want to look for levels in the 40-60 ng/mL range.

You can treat low ferritin with the use of over the counter iron supplements such as liquid iron or iron tablets/capsules.

Getting Tested For Your Unique Supplement Needs:

While I can offer general advice for addressing various deficiencies, getting objective analysis of your own needs is often the best course of action. Getting a test done to determine any potential nutritional deficiencies can help you find what youre low in, and avoid wasting your money supplementing on things you dont need or worse yet, getting too much of something and throwing things off-balance.

Check out and schedule a mineral analysis to find what you may need to supplement with.

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Do Thyroid Hormone Supplements Have Side Effects

As long as you purchase high quality supplements you should be able to avoid most of the side effects that some people report when taking thyroid supplements.

As a word of caution:

Some thyroid supplements may contain portions of thyroid glands from animals or other sources that contain ACTIVE thyroid hormones.

This is the equivalent to taking a prescription medication in the United States.

I strongly recommend against the use of supplements such as these because they WILL interfere with your HPA axis and may make your body reliant upon the supplements.

For this reason it is best to avoid productions that come from questionable sources and stick to nutrients and precursors that can be identified and that are known to not contain active thyroid hormones.

As a thyroid patient you will also want to be weary of cheap inactive ingredients which may also cause negative reactions in your body

Natural Thyroid Booster 1 Ashwagandha

How To Improve Thyroid Function Without Medications

Ashwagandha is quite possibly my favorite herb to take for overall health and healthy weight loss. It is an adaptogenic herb which means it helps the body cope with stress, reduce cortisol levels , and improve the thyroid function. It is safe, affordable, and the extract has been shown to be highly effective both in reducing cortisol levels and in subjective experiences of increased energy. Given that it helps not only the thyroid but the adrenals as well, it makes an excellent all around must-have tonic herb that everyone can take.

Dose: One 300 mg capsule a day.

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How To Naturally Improve Thyroid Function

The thyroid controls hormones and can affect nearly every cell in the body. It plays a major role in regulating metabolic rate, your bodys rate of energy production. And its also part of the endocrine system, which plays a vital role in the metabolism of the body .

Hormones are chemical signaling molecules, produced by the endocrine glands, and secreted directly into the bloodstream. In the communication between cells, hormones are like letters, and the cardiovascular system is the postal service. When the glands do not produce the right amount of hormones, diseases develop that can affect many aspects of life.

Thyroid hormones, which regulate how the body uses energy, are secreted by the thyroid gland in the neck. The two main hormones the thyroid produces and releases are T3 and T4 . These hormones, like many of the hormones made in your body, are important players in both physical and psychological health. Even slight imbalances in their production or activity can have powerful adverse effects on emotional wellbeing. When functioning correctly, the thyroid helps to increase basal metabolic rate, stimulate vitamin metabolism, regulate carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, and regulate long bone growth.

The thyroid gland is negatively impacted by a number of external chemical influences, such as chlorine, excess estrogen, fluoride, and heavy metals .

So what can you do to naturally improve your thyroid function?

What Is The Hypothyroidism Diet Or Thyroid Diet

The thyroid diet is designed to support healthy thyroid function while you are undergoing thyroid treatment.

Regarding dietary requirements for people with hypothyroidism, the Journal of Medical Nutrition & Nutraceuticals says that it is important to consume foods with certain micronutrients. For example, doctors recommend that foods to help the thyroid are rich in iron, vitamin A, zinc, and selenium.

Because iodine deficiency is a cause of hypothyroidism, iodine-rich foods may help hypothyroidism by helping to keep the thyroid working properly. However, doctors warn against taking iodine supplements for thyroid health as this could lead to excessive doses.

Even if it is difficult to heal your thyroid naturally with your diet, researchers from Harvard Medical School say that you should eat nutritious foods. A hypothyroidism diet may help you feel better and improve your digestion. Exercising may also help to relieve some of the symptoms associated with low thyroid function.

A healthy diet and regular exercise will also help you lose weight with hypothyroidism.

Many doctors also say that a Hashimotos diet should include foods that are nutritious and healthy without going to any extremes.

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