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How To Increase Thyroid Activity Naturally

What Is An Underactive Thyroid

How to Boost Thyroid Function Naturally

Having an underactive thyroid is called hypothyroidism. This happens when your thyroid is not producing enough hormones to energize your body. Understanding what can lead to a low-functioning thyroid is a critical part of getting answers.

I was diagnosed through a series of blood tests and a thyroid ultrasound. I found out that I have several nodules on my thyroid which will be monitored to make sure they dont get any bigger.

Bottom Line: Take Care Of Your Thyroid

All of these changes together made a big difference for me even before I started taking thyroid medication. A reminder, though: Im not a doctor and I dont play one on the internet. I am sharing my personal experience for information purposes only. This post should not be taken as medical advice.

It was such a long road to get a diagnosis and I saw several doctors before finally getting answers. I know it can be difficult to find a local thyroid expert. This is one of the many reasons why Ive partnered with this service that matches you with an online primary care doctor based on your medical needs and lifestyle. Ive been a patient for over a year now and it has been extremely helpful in managing my thyroid condition.

Wherever you are in the process, know that you are not alone and there are some cost-effective and simple changes you can make that will help!

Have you tried any of these things to help boost thyroid functioning? What other changes have you made that have helped? Share below!

Sip Some Orange Juice

Low sugar everything has been the craze now for the past couple of years and look around. What has this wonderful bit of advice done for people? Sure, at first you might feel a little better, but thats your body in survival mode with excitatory but thyroid suppressing adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Theres a reason why you cant sustain that type of diet long term and you are eventually left with a severely damaged metabolism, severe hypothyroidism, and feeling ten times worse than when you started.

Orange juice is yet another thyroid friendly food that has been mistakenly feared for the past decade because of its unwarranted association with common inflammatory diseases like diabetes. Yet research studies show that orange juice does not cause any oxidative or inflammatory response5, making it extremely beneficial not only for hypothyroid sufferers but for diabetics too.

Simply sipping on some orange juice can cause a significant rise in your T3 thyroid hormone levels. And not to mention, its been shown to protect against certain cancers, including colon cancer6.

Yet the amazing thyroid boosting benefits of orange juice have NOTHING to do with your thyroid gland at all. In fact, heres the secret: if you continue to focus entirely on your thyroid gland, then youll never improve your thyroid health.

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Do Thyroid Hormone Supplements Have Side Effects

As long as you purchase high quality supplements you should be able to avoid most of the side effects that some people report when taking thyroid supplements.

As a word of caution:

Some thyroid supplements may contain portions of thyroid glands from animals or other sources that contain ACTIVE thyroid hormones.

This is the equivalent to taking a prescription medication in the United States.

I strongly recommend against the use of supplements such as these because they WILL interfere with your HPA axis and may make your body reliant upon the supplements.

For this reason it is best to avoid productions that come from questionable sources and stick to nutrients and precursors that can be identified and that are known to not contain active thyroid hormones.

As a thyroid patient you will also want to be weary of cheap inactive ingredients which may also cause negative reactions in your body…

Limit Raw Cruciferous Veggies

10 Nutrients to Improve Thyroid Function

Although cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, cauliflower and are superfoods packed with important vitamins and minerals, eating them raw could be bad for your thyroid. They contain goitrogens, which disrupt thyroid function and interfere with iodine uptake. But you don’t have to cut them out completely . Since eating them raw delivers the most goitrogens possible, make sure you’re steaming or sautéing your cruciferous veggies before chowing down.

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D Factors Contributing To Diabetes

TH induces HIF-1 via the PI3K/ERK pathways, as well as by direct induction. The known HIF-1 target genes include the glucose transporter 1 , phosphofructokinase , and monocarboxylate transporter 4 , which regulate cellular glucose metabolism by controlling glucose uptake, glycolysis, and lactate transport, respectively . These genes are induced by physiological doses of T3, and pretreatment with a PI3K inhibitor abolishes this effect . HIF-1 also induces expression of D3 gene leading to reduced T3 and increased rT3 production .

Systemic administration of T1AM rapidly increases endogenous glucose production, glucagon, and corticosterone but does not increase plasma insulin . Central administration of T1AM resulted in a much more profound effect on endogenous glucose production and hyperglucagonemia and reduced plasma insulin . The effects of T1AM on glucose and insulin, like the effects of TH, likely vary with the mode and duration of exposure.

When The Thyroid Goes Crazy

For excellent health and wellness, the right amount of thyroid hormones must go back to the gland. Too many hormones, or hyperthyroidism, disrupts the TSH, causing a drop in levels. Not enough hormones, or hypothyroidism, means the pituitary gland overproduces TSH. Irregular thyroid levels could be the cause of low energy, poor mood, poor bowel function, and metabolism issues.

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What Does The Thyroid Do

As you can see, symptoms of hypothyroidism are extensive! They seem to affect every area of life, from energy levels to weight to digestion to hair, skin, and beyond.

How can the thyroid have this much power? A small gland that sits at the base of your neck, the thyroid is shaped like a butterfly. Its an endocrine gland, meaning that it produces hormones.

The thyroid makes two hormones: T4 and T3. The first, T4, is the inactive form that gets converted into active form as needed. T3 is the active form of the hormone that is produced in smaller amounts. You need both to have a well-functioning thyroid gland. TSH, short for thyroid-stimulating hormone, is produced by the pituitary gland and is in charge of telling the thyroid when to make more T3 and T4.

Low thyroid hormones can be caused in a few ways. Sometimes the pituitary gland doesnt make enough TSH, and the thyroid doesnt get the memo to make more. Other times, TSH levels are very high, and the thyroid is making T4, but your body isnt able to convert it into T3. Finally, theres another thyroid hormone known as Reverse T3, and in situations of stress, the body takes your T4 and dumps it into Reverse T3, resulting in plenty of thyroid hormone in the body that it just cant access for energy.

Exercise For Boosting Thyroid Function

How To Help Improve Thyroid Function Naturally Without Doing Anything To Your Thyroid

When youre dealing with low thyroid and are already tired, exercise might sound like the last thing you want to think about. But you need to be able to move your body to promote health.

Still, endless cardio is probably going to hurt more than it will help. Exercise does cause a certain amount of stress in the bodybut after that, it leads to a reduction in stress. This isnt the case when youre overtaxing your body with exercise.

Some of the best ways that you can support your body with exercise when your thyroid is low are:

  • Yoga: Research finds that it helps reduce hypothyroid symptoms and lowers stress.
  • Rebounding: I spend a few minutes a day jumping on a mini-trampoline to get my blood flowing and increase lymph drainage.
  • Walking: You dont have to power walk to get benefit from a morning stroll or a family walk after dinner.
  • Strength training: Weight-bearing exercises are good for bone density but theyre also known for being great for those who have thyroid problems.

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Natural Thyroid Booster 2 Iodine

Iodine is the most important mineral for thyroid function. Without enough iodine the body cannot produce enough T3 a thyroid hormone. While its been said in mainstream medicine that iodine deficiency is usually not a problem, the work of researchers such as Dr. David Brownstein and Dr. Guy Abraham have shown that supplementing with higher doses of iodine is not only safe, but very effective in treating many thyroid conditions.

Considering that in many Asian countries the intake of iodine rich sea vegetables is much higher than in other countries and they dont suffer ill effect, it leads me to believe that increasing iodine can be beneficial and prudent when done through quality sea vegetables like kelp or dulse. Taking Lugols or Nascent iodine is another option, but one I recommend a bit more caution with as it can be too powerful for some.

Dose: 2-4 tablespoons of kelp or dulse, or 1mg iodine and work up to more a day.

NOTE: Iodine works with other minerals like zinc, magnesium and selenium. Adding in a few brazil nuts for selenium can help assist the functioning of iodine in the thyroid. Magnesium is an extremely common deficiency and I suggest taking 200-400mg a day.

What To Do First For Your Low Thyroid

If you suspect that you are hypothyroid, the first thing that you need is lab work. Theres no real way to assess whats going on with your thyroid without testing the actual hormones.

Some doctors will only run TSH or total T3 to check on your thyroid. This is problematic because it only gives a partial snapshot of whats happening. If you want the full picture and some real answers, you need to get these labs done:

  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone This is the pituitary hormone that measures the level of thyroid hormone in the blood. A higher level would show that your body is having to work harder to get your thyroid to do its job.
  • Free T3/Free T4 These are the available levels of thyroid hormones in your blood. Total T3 will tell you how much is in your body, but its no good to you unless you can use it. Free T3 shows how much hormone you have available to actually use.
  • Reverse T3 This will help determine whether you have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. It tends to be low in hypothyroid cases and high in hyperthyroid cases, but sometimes it can be high in hypothyroidism if your body is having problems with conversion.
  • Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies/Thyroglobulin Antibodies These are the thyroid antibodies and will help to rule out whether your hypothyroidism is driven by an immune system problem. If you have thyroid antibodies and youre hypothyroid, it means you have Hashimotos disease.
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    Limit Your Sugar Intake

    Too much sugar is bad for you in general, but it’s especially harmful if you have a thyroid imbalance.

    One of your thyroid gland’s main jobs is to regulate your carbohydrate metabolism. If you aren’t making enough thyroid hormones, your body struggles to balance your blood sugar, which can lead to fatigue, weight gain, and metabolic issues.

    It’s a good idea to cut back on sugar even if you don’t have thyroid issues. It may be hard for the first week or two, but it’s worth it.

    The Powerful Impact Of The Thyroid

    The Best Iodine Supplements (How to boost thyroid function ...

    The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland between the neck and throat. This gland is responsible for creating hormones critical for a healthy body. These include hormones to manage the heart and brain. The thyroid works with the pituitary gland in creating thyroid-stimulating hormone . This, in turn, helps the thyroid create two hormones, T3 and T4. The two hormones get distributed throughout different parts of the body to function properly. T3 and T4 go to everything from the heart, sleep, body temperature, bones, and muscles. Some go back to the pituitary gland to create more TSH in a healthy loop.

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    Optimize Your Liver Function

    Up to 60% of thyroid conversion occurs in the liver.

    Obviously, making sure your liver is healthy and functioning well is critical if you want your T3 levels optimized.

    Your liver can be assessed by having your liver function tests monitored. The primary test are AST and ALT.

    If either test is > 20, it is a sign that you have some liver impairment.

    By far, the most common cause of liver impairment is insulin resistance. The insulin resistance can result in excessive fat deposits in the liver resulting in a fatty liver.

    Reducing any liver dysfunction may result in the single greatest increase in your T3 level of any therapy that we have discussed.

    How To Naturally Improve Thyroid Function

    The thyroid controls hormones and can affect nearly every cell in the body. It plays a major role in regulating metabolic rate, your bodys rate of energy production. And its also part of the endocrine system, which plays a vital role in the metabolism of the body .

    Hormones are chemical signaling molecules, produced by the endocrine glands, and secreted directly into the bloodstream. In the communication between cells, hormones are like letters, and the cardiovascular system is the postal service. When the glands do not produce the right amount of hormones, diseases develop that can affect many aspects of life.

    Thyroid hormones, which regulate how the body uses energy, are secreted by the thyroid gland in the neck. The two main hormones the thyroid produces and releases are T3 and T4 . These hormones, like many of the hormones made in your body, are important players in both physical and psychological health. Even slight imbalances in their production or activity can have powerful adverse effects on emotional wellbeing. When functioning correctly, the thyroid helps to increase basal metabolic rate, stimulate vitamin metabolism, regulate carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, and regulate long bone growth.

    The thyroid gland is negatively impacted by a number of external chemical influences, such as chlorine, excess estrogen, fluoride, and heavy metals .

    So what can you do to naturally improve your thyroid function?

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    Ways To Stimulate An Underactive Thyroid Naturally

    Your thyroid is a small but very important gland which produces hormones that have an impact on every organ, cell, and tissue in your body. Just a few of the things your thyroid influences are your body temperature, heart rate, metabolism, body weight, and energy production.

    It has been estimated that about 27 million Americans suffer from some type of thyroid disorder, with about 50 percent of these people going undiagnosed. Your chance of developing a thyroid disorder increases as you age. Women are more likely to be diagnosed with thyroid problems than men, although either gender can develop thyroid problems.

    When your thyroid gland doesnt produce enough hormones your doctor will call it hypothyroidism. Common causes of hypothyroidism are exposure to heavy metals or radiation, food intolerances, even hormone imbalances. Many people go undiagnosed because the symptoms are vague and are often overlooked by doctors.

    Some common symptoms of hypothyroidism are weight gain, headaches, dizziness, dry skin, extreme fatigue and depression, heavy or irregular menstruation, sensitivity to cold and cold fingers and feet.

    After you have spoken to your doctor, you can try the following 10 steps to reset your thyroid so that you can reduce or completely eliminate your medication.

    Are There Any Risks To Hyperthyroidism Treatments

    How Can You Naturally Increase Thyroid Hormones?

    With most treatments, there are also risks of side effects. Its important to talk to your healthcare provider and weigh all of the pros and cons before deciding on a treatment plan. Some of these risks include:

    After treatment, you will most probably need to take replacement thyroid hormone for the rest of your life. This is because some of these treatments especially surgery reduce your thyroid hormone levels to very low levels or eliminate this hormone by removing your thyroid. Youll need to re-introduce the thyroid hormones back into your system by taking regular medication.

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    B Insulin Production And Action

    Several studies have linked thyroid hormone action with pancreatic islet cell development and function. Pancreatic islets contain TR1 and TR1 which are important for normal islet development . T3 acts by stimulating the islet transcription factor Mafa. T3 is required for the transition of islets to glucose-responsive insulin-secreting cells. In pancreatic islet cells studied in culture, T3 and TR promote proliferation . Inactivation of D2 gene is associated with insulin resistance and diet-induced obesity . Thyroid hormone acts to impair glucose-stimulated insulin release, despite increased islet glucose utilization and oxidation. Hyperthyroidism and high-fat feeding result in significant impairment of islet function . In contrast, physiological T3 treatment prevents streptozocin-induced islet deterioration and maintains islet structure, size, and consistency . T3 induces these anti-apoptotic effects via nongenomic activation of the AKT signaling pathway.

    Getting Tested For Your Unique Supplement Needs:

    While I can offer general advice for addressing various deficiencies, getting objective analysis of your own needs is often the best course of action. Getting a test done to determine any potential nutritional deficiencies can help you find what youre low in, and avoid wasting your money supplementing on things you dont need or worse yet, getting too much of something and throwing things off-balance.

    Check out and schedule a mineral analysis to find what you may need to supplement with.

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    Bonus Natural Thyroid Booster Goji Berries

    While goji berries arent directly a thyroid boosting food, their indirect benefits make them incredibly worthwhile. Theyre rich in antioxidants, are associated with longevity, and are powerful adaptogenics which help bring everything back into balance. Youll see that Im a big believer in adaptogens as they work with the body rather than forcing it to do something like a drug does. This means over time they help correct disorders and are safe for anyone to take regardless of their specific health concerns.

    Whether or not a person suffers from thyroid problems, taking more foods like goji berries can have a huge impact on overall health and well-being.


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