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Can You Take Collagen With Thyroid Medicine

Food And Levothyroxine Absorption

Thyroid Medication Tips

In addition to minerals, certain foods may affect the way your body uses levothyroxine. Foods that are high in calcium and iron should be avoided within one hour before or after taking the medication, according to the FDA.

  • Tyrosine kinase inhibitors, such as cabozantinib
  • Tricyclic antidepressants, such as amitriptyline

Tell your doctor if you are taking any medications, especially those on this list.

Because some of these medications are necessary for certain conditions; rather than stopping the medication, your doctor can adjust your levothyroxine dosage and monitor you for side effects.

The Importance Of Collagen In The Human Body

Collagen is important for the skin, for bones, muscle tissue, and many other parts of the human body. Different types of play roles in various areas of the body.

Even though there are many products that promote collagen as a beneficial supplement, it should be noted that this is not an essential nutrient that a person needs to consume through foods and supplements. The body is capable of producing collagen itself.

It has, however, been found that the use of certain high-quality collagen supplements could assist in providing certain benefits to the human body.

In one study3, scientists identified the potential of collagen supplements to assist in reducing the signs of aging associated with skin dryness, as well as the formation of wrinkles.

In the medical industry, there are many potential applications for collagen. The protein has been used to assist in the regeneration of bone tissue that has been damaged4. This holds potential for conditions that affect the bones throughout the body, such as osteoporosis and arthritic conditions, where bone tissue becomes degenerated due to disease affecting bones.

This particular benefit regarding the effects of collagen on bones also accounts for periodontal areas. In one study, it was found that collagen may be useful in the regeneration in damaged ligament tissues within the gums and jaws5.

Furthermore, it should be noted that collagen has also been found to be useful in the cosmetic industry.

Oral Vs Sublingual Delivery

With natural desiccated thyroid medications only, some people have argued that allowing the medication to dissolve under the tongue may result in faster absorption into the bloodstream. The counterargument is that these molecules are large and most will be absorbed through the intestine anyway, so taking the medication sublingually could result in irregular absorption.

The bottom line is that if you are considering taking your medication this way, talk to your doctor and make sure your thyroid levels are monitored.

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How To Supplement With Collagen

Its easy to add more collagen to your diet. Since collagen peptides are tasteless and they dissolve in liquids, its great to sneak it into coffee, smoothies, lemonades, or any of your other favorite drinks. You can also mix it into the batter of baked goods or stir some into applesauce. If youre not a fan of the powder for whatever reason, collagen is also available in capsule form.

Here are a few of our favorite gut-healing collagen recipes:


Its safe to take collagen daily and to eat foods that contain collagen on a regular basis, but its important to follow recommended serving sizes on collagen products. As always, remember to check with your doctor before starting new supplements or making any major dietary changes. If you are looking for Paleo-friendly, high-quality collagen powder, we recommend Bright Naturals Grass-Fed Collagen.

Will A Collagen/protein Supplements Affect Thyroid Blood Test

MTHFR genetic defect
  • ;#1;12-02-2010 10:39 PM by cartnerI remember that someone told me it would affect TSH, FT4 and FT3. Is that correct?I take many supplements, collagen/protein for my joints in addition to glucosamine. Vitamins and fish oil too.Should I just stop taking the supplements for few days before the test or what?advice me please!!!
  • 12-03-2010 04:01 AM by Lady50Re: will a collagen/protein supplements affect Thyroid blood test?I wouldn’t stop anything before your tests. Just make sure you are taking the supplements 4 to 6 hours before or after taking your thyroid medicine. I’m assuming you are on thyroid replacement?
  • ;#3;12-03-2010 05:17 AM by cartnerRe: will a collagen/protein supplements affect Thyroid blood test?No I’m not on thyroid medication yet, I had a wierd TSH and FT4 like 5 years ago and TSH was less than 0.00% but with the nuclear scan and everything he says u r ok for now. I did have my thyroid blood tests 2 years ago and it was fine but I’m always TIRED and LOST !!!Thanks for your help
  • 12-04-2010 06:13 PM by EagleRe: will a collagen/protein supplements affect Thyroid blood test?Can’t answer your question, sorry, but I would like to know what collagen-protein supplements are available and do they help your joints? What about wrinkles?

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Easy To Use Easy To Digest

MojoMe Collagen as Peptan® is manufactured by Rousselot . Rousselots superior and unique process of enzymatic hydrolysis is employed to break the collagen molecules down into smaller pieces known as peptides. Hydrolysed collagen peptides are more easily digested, rapidly absorbed and can be put to immediate use by your body ensuring maximum benefits and results.

What Is The Best Source Of Bone Broth

Though there are many retailers selling packaged and canned bone broth, I dont typically recommend purchasing it at a supermarket. Those boxes contain so many more ingredients than basic bone broth would have including MSG , corn starch , chicken flavoring , and many preservatives to keep that broth fresh and stable in its boxed form.

One packaged version of bone broth that I do enjoy is made by The Flavor Chef. They create certified humane and verified non-GMO bone broth , and they even have AIP options great for those with Hashimotos. You can save 10% off your order of bone broth by entering the code THYROID10 at checkout!

When possible, I do recommend creating bone broth from scratch. Bone broth is one of the easiest recipes to make, and requires only a few simple ingredients. You can make a large batch at one time and store it in glass jars in the refrigerator or freezer , to be warmed as needed.

To begin with, you will need to find a quality source of poultry, beef, or fish bones. I always recommend purchasing bones from organic, free range, and humanely raised providers as much as possible. The nutrient quality will be far superior to most conventionally raised animal products, and free of added hormones and antibiotics.

To source the highest quality bones available, you can:

  • Black pepper to taste


  • Place the chicken, vinegar, and vegetables in a slow cooker.
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Strain, pour into jars, and refrigerate .
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    Supplements And Thyroid Health: What To Know

    1 ).

    Depending on the type of disease, thyroid conditions are typically treated with medications like thyroid hormone replacement, surgery, and other procedures, such as radiation therapy for thyroid cancer.

    In addition to conventional treatments for thyroid conditions, research shows that dietary interventions, including supplements, may help treat certain thyroid diseases.

    However, certain supplements may do more harm than good when it comes to thyroid health.

    This article explains how supplements may help certain people with thyroid-related health conditions.

    They Can Contain Iodine

    Can I take Natural Thyroid Supplements with my Thyroid Medication?

    We need only 150 mcg of iodine per day in our diet, according to the Institute of Medicine. That tiny amount of iodine enables the thyroid to manufacture just the right amount of the thyroid hormone thyroxine, Lipman says.

    But ingesting excess iodine can cause health problems. It is particularly worrisome for people with thyroid nodulesbumps on the thyroid glands that can be very small and often go unnoticed. If you have a nodular thyroidand chances are that 50 percent of us will develop one or more nodules by the time were 60even a slight excess of iodine can cause your thyroid to go into overdrive and produce excess thyroxine, Lipman says. An overactive thyroid can cause sudden weight loss, a rapid or irregular heartbeat, sweating, and nervousness or irritability.

    Conversely, studies also show that too much iodine can cause the thyroid to slow down or even stop producing hormones in certain peoplethe opposite effect of what many people hope these supplements will do for them. That can result in weight gain and fatigue, and can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, Lipman says.

    Yet many supplements contain more than 150 mcg of iodine. For example, both Enzymatic Therapys Metabolic Advantage and Whole Foods Thyroid Complete contain 200 mcg per two-capsule serving. Follow the recommendation on the labels and swallow two capsules three times a day and youve ingested 600 mcg of iodineenough to cause health problems in certain people if taken long term.;

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    Big Benefits Of Protein Powder & Why Thyroid Patients Should Use It

    Using the right protein powder on a daily basis can have big benefits for your weight, your thyroid, your metabolism, and more.;

    Check out the potential benefits that you can expect to see if you are using protein powder correctly:

    #1. May Enhance Weight Loss & Improve Metabolism

    If you are like many thyroid patients then you are probably struggling with weight gain.;

    Protein powder definitely has the potential to help with weight loss because it impacts your body and metabolism through a variety of different mechanisms.;

    One of the most important factors in controlling your weight has to do with your basal metabolic rate or BMR.;

    And a huge contributing factor to your BMR is your lean muscle mass.;

    The more lean muscle mass that you have on your body the more calories you will burn at rest.;

    Consuming a sufficient amount of protein can help support lean muscle mass which may then have an impact on muscle mass.;

    The more muscle mass you have on your body the better, especially if you are struggling with weight.;

    If you are trying to lose weight then you should also check out additional weight loss supplements that work through different mechanisms.;

    Other supplements including berberine, fish oil, probiotics, CLA, and glucomannan all work through different mechanisms and can be safely used in conjunction with protein powder.;

    You can also consider adding other prescription weight loss medications to your protein powder to enhance weight loss.;

    #2. Can Help Control Appetite

    Collagen Can Boost Your Thyroid Hormone Conversion By Lowering Cortisol

    Above, I showed you how over-consuming meats can increase your levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

    In previous posts, Ive discussed in detail the many ways that hypothyroidism itself leads to elevated stress hormone production. Ive also provided research showing that that these stress hormones, including cortisol, block your liver from converting your inactive T4 thyroid hormone into the active T3 form your cells need.

    So, I wont go into those details again here.

    (NOTE: These details can be found in this article on How to Heal Your Thyroid By Healing Your Liver.

    Yet, collagen helps to boost your livers ability to convert thyroid hormone into active T3 thyroid hormone by lowering cortisol levels in your blood.

    Effects of orally administered glycine on myofibrillar proteolysis and expression of proteolytic-related genes of skeletal muscle in chicks.

    The plasma corticosterone concentration was also decreased by glycine, but the plasma insulin concentration was unaffected.

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    The Relationship Between The Thyroid Gland And Collagen

    The Thyroid gland is located within the neck the gland secretes two very important hormones that do not only act on metabolism in the body but many other factors as well. The two hormones include Triiodothyronine, also called T3, as well as Thyroxin, or T4 for short.

    There are various conditions that may affect the Thyroid gland and this can lead to two diseases. The two diseases that are relatively common in the general population include Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism.

    When a patient has hypothyroidism, the Thyroids ability to function normally is usually suppressed. The result is a decline in the number of Thyroid hormones that are secreted into the blood circulatory system.

    A patient with hyperthyroidism, on the other hand, will usually have an excess number of these hormones being secreted into their bloodstream.

    With hypothyroidism, metabolism becomes slower, but with hyperthyroidism, metabolism is increased. In addition to these potential complications, it is important to consider the fact that both of these conditions may lead to additional complications in a patients body. Some of these effects may impact collagen in the body leading to excessive production or a decline in the production of collagen.

    Scientific Data On Thyroid Disorders And Collagen

    What Is Collagen Synthesis And How Can It Be Increased?

    Many studies have been performed to assist in providing evidence on how the secretion of Thyroid hormones, as well as the presence of certain Thyroid disorders, may affect the synthesis of collagen in the body.

    One study8 looked at how inducing hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism affected collagen levels. The study was published in the Journal of Endocrinology at Oxford Academic. Below is a summary of the findings that are provided by the study.

    • After inducing hypothyroidism and then injecting animal subjects with a proline solution, a type of amino acid that plays a large role in the synthesis of collagen, it was found that levels of collagen in various parts of the body may be reduced. This includes collagen in bones. Urine levels of hydroxyproline were significantly lower as well lower than the level of hydroxyproline levels detected in bone tissue.
    • When rat subjects were treated with thyroxine and then injected with a solution containing proline amino acids were found to exhibit a reduction in hydroxyproline activity in the skin. On the other hand, hydroxyproline activity in urine samples was increased.

    Even though conducted on animal subjects, this study provided evidence that Thyroid hormones have a definite effect on collagen production and the activity of amino acids that are involved in the formation of collagen.

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    Thyroid Supplements Might Have Actual Thyroid Hormones

    It isnt possible to know if a supplement contains thyroid hormones from reading the label, but a 2013 study published in the journal Thyroid found that nine out of 10 supplements marketed for thyroid health and support contained real hormones. Four of those that tested positive listed the ingredient bovine thyroid tissue, which might naturally contain hormones. But five supplements that tested positive listed only herbal ingredients, such as ashwagandha, guggul, and Coleus forskohlii. Since plants cannot produce the hormones the researchers found, thyroid hormones from an animal or synthetic source must have been deliberately added to these supplements, says Consumer Reports senior scientist Michael Hansen, Ph.D.

    That is concerning because healthy thyroid hormone levels are very precise and taking supplements that contain these hormones can alter those levels in unpredictable ways. Thyroid hormone levels even slightly above or below where they should be can lead to health complications, Lipman says. For example, taking more thyroxine than you need can cause erratic heart beats and bone thinning.

    Calcium Supplements And Thyroid Medication

    Not everyone realizes this, but there are a few different types of calcium compounds. However, so far, only two types are used in supplements: calcium carbonate, which contains40% calcium, and calcium citrate, which has 21% calcium.

    Both types of calcium have a similar impact on how the body absorbs thyroid medication. One particular study showed that calcium supplements could interfere with your bodys ability toabsorb thyroid hormone replacement medications such as levothyroxine and other thyroid extract supplements. The interference tends to occur when you take both of them at the same time.;

    Fortunately, this absorption issue can be avoided by taking a few steps:

    • Taking your thyroid medication on an empty stomach to allow your body to absorb it properly
    • Taking it shortly after your wake up, at least an hour before you eat breakfast or have your cup of coffee
    • Waiting at least four hours before consuming a calcium supplement

    Pro tip: if you plan to take your thyroid medication at night, be sure to do so at least four hours after taking your calcium supplement so the two dont interfere with each other.

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    What Does Levothyroxine Interact With

    Interactions can lead to problems in two main ways. Some interactions with medicines or supplements increase the concentration of levothyroxine in your body, leading to an increased risk of side effects.;

    Over 500 generic drugs, each $5 per month

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    Alternatively, certain drugs, foods, or dietary supplements can get in the way of how your body absorbs and uses levothyroxinethis decreases the hormone therapys effectiveness and leaves you feeling the symptoms of low thyroid hormone levels. Much of the interference occurs in your upper intestine, where 40% to 80% of levothyroxine is absorbed . Taking it with other medications may require your provider to adjust your dose of levothyroxine.

    Levothyroxine can also make other medications not work as well or increase their risk of adverse events. Your best option is to seek the medical advice of your healthcare provider or pharmacist to help navigate the drug information and potential interactions. Make them aware of any changes in your medications, diet, supplements, and medical diagnoses.;

    They Might Also Contain Cow ‘glandulars’

    Hypothyroidism | How To Take Levothyroxine | Best Way To Take Thyroid Medication

    Glandular organs such as thyroid, liver, pancreas, heart, and spleen, can be found on the ingredients list of some thyroid and metabolic support supplements. For example, Natural Sources Raw Thyroid supplements contain raw thyroid, adrenal, pituitary and spleen bovine tissue. But our experts say that ingesting ingredients like these is not wise. Supplements that contain pituitary or brain products from cows could theoretically pose a risk for CreutzfeldtJakob, a rare disease that occurs in humans and causes brain tissue to degenerate rapidly. The disease has been linked to eating material from cows infected with mad cow disease, Hansen says.

    Prions, the agents that spread mad cow and CreutzfeldtJakob disease, are most commonly found in the brains of cows, but there is evidence that if an animal has an infection, you can also find prions in their spleens, kidneys, and other glandular organs, Hansen says. Those prions are far harder to kill than bacteria or viruses, so processing or treating the organs before adding them to supplements wont necessarily eliminate the risk, he says.

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