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Can You Get Disability For Thyroid Problems

Using The Five Step Process To Qualify For Ssd For Thyroid Disorders

Vets With Thyroid Disorders: Can You Get VA Benefits? Lawyer Answers:

Above, we mentioned that those who could not meet the SSAs criteria for thyroid disorder could still attempt to prove equivalency. In order to do this, you and your disability lawyer will need to use something called the Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process.

During this process, your job will be to provide evidence showing the SSA that you have been prevented from working for at least 12 calendar months due to the nature of your condition. If you are able to do this, you will win your claim and qualify for benefits. But it is not an easy path, so you want an experienced SSDI benefits attorney on your side.

How Can A Va Attorney Help Obtain Hyperthyroid And Hypothyroid Va Disability Benefits

VA disability benefits for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism may require submission of evidence beyond the typical case. In many cases, such as those relating to physical injuries and disabilities, it would be enough to submit copies of your medical records and service records showing, for example, that your bulging disc was the result of a training accident suffered during your military service. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are a bit more complicated.

To establish a service connection for your hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, you will likely need to submit evidence with your disability claim. For example, if you believe your disability was caused by chemical exposure, we will need to find scientific evidence to support the connection because the VA has not included hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism among the illnesses and conditions presumed to be caused by chemical exposure.

A VA lawyer can help you to find articles and prior cases that will persuade the VA that a connection exists. The same will be true if you believe there is a connection between your PTSD, prescribed medications, or service-connected disabilities and your hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Hyperthyroid and hypothyroid VA disability benefits will likely depend on your ability to show a service connection. Medical records from your military service and your service records showing where and when you served provide a starting point.

Graves Disease And Social Security Disability Benefits

As mentioned previously, your disability eligibility will be wholly dependent upon the severity of your symptoms. The social security administration will review your claim based upon those symptoms and how they limit you. If your symptoms of Graves disease are so severe that they are affecting your ability to work, your condition may qualify you for social security disability benefits.

Social security disability is a government-mandated insurance program. It is a type of safety net imposed by the federal government for all those who are working and paying taxes on their working income. If you do not pay taxes on your income, you will not be eligible for the disability insurance program, with a few exceptions including spousal or disabled adult child benefits. If you have worked and paid taxes into the social security system for the past five out of ten years, you are likely covered under this federal insurance program.

To find out if you have disability coverage, you may call your local social security office or you can simply call us at 623-3681 to get a general idea of your disability coverage.

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Determining Your Residual Functional Capacity With A Thyroid Disorder

If your thyroid disorder is not severe enough to meet the requirements of a disability listing, you may still qualify for benefits. The SSA will use the medical evidence in your file to determine what your residual functional capacity is. Your RFC is the most that you can do in a work setting. You might be classified as able to perform sedentary, light, or medium work.

Your RFC will also include any functional limitations that prevent you from being fully productive. For example, when your thyroid disorder is a type of hypothyroidism, you might suffer from depression or difficulty concentrating. Depression can affect your ability to interact with other people and report to work on a regular basis. Likewise, if you have difficulty concentrating, you might be unable to follow complex instructions. If you have these symptoms, your RFC might look like the following: able to perform light work, moderate limitations in working with the public and coworkers, and able to perform only simple work tasks. A RFC such as this would prevent you from performing most, but not all, jobs.

In addition, if you suffer from fatigue or muscle weakness, that might restrict you from walking or standing for long periods of time. These symptoms could result in an RFC that limits you to sedentary or less than sedentary work. If you can perform only less than sedentary work, then you would be found disabled.

Take our disability quiz to help you determine whether you qualify for benefits.

Hypothyroidism Can Be A Disability

Pin on Conditions and Getting Pregnant

For some people, their hypothyroidism;is;a disability. It can leave people bed-bound, in excruciating muscle pain, un-explainable fatigue, depressed and more. If youre a thyroid patient who is lucky enough to find that you actually feel rather well, count yourself very lucky that you dont experience what so many others do. To imply that because youre;pretty healthy with hypothyroidism, everyone else must be, is incredibly ignorant.

See US info here: Accommodation and Compliance: Thyroid Disorders

If your health condition/s such as thyroid disease affect you on a day to day basis and you require some support, please dont feel discouraged if someone implies that your own personal experience of thyroid disease doesnt entitle you to any help. But to be clear,; it is not the thyroid problem itself that entitles you to any financial support, but how the condition affects you day to day living and quality of life.

Get in contact with your own local authority, have an honest and realistic conversation with your doctor and find out if you can receive any financial support.

See my tips on getting the most out of a doctors appointment here.

And if youre still struggling with your health despite being on mediation and told your test results are fine, know that you do not have to live this way. To address why you may still be feeling unwell ,;please see this article and go through each suggestion, putting your thyroid jigsaw back together.

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Social Security Disabling Conditions

The Social Security Administration awards Social Security Disability benefits based on the type of disabling condition the claimant is suffering from. These are conditions that affect an individuals ability to gain substantial employment. The SSA’s impairment listing manual, also known as the “Blue Book,” contains a list of these conditions. If you are suffering from one of these conditions, then you maybe eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income . Fill out your information to receive a free case evaluation. Start the disability benefits process today.

Here are a few examples of conditions that can qualify:

  • Musculoskeletal issues, for example fractures to the back.
  • Cardiovascular conditions, such as coronary artery disease or heart failure.
  • Sense and voice difficulties, such as vision impairment and hearing loss.
  • Breathing conditions, such as COPD.

In addition to the disabling conditions, the SSA also has a list of 88 conditions that automatically qualify for disability benefits under the Compassionate Allowances program. The Compassionate Allowances program is intended to expedite the application process for those with severe medical conditions.

Listed below are the Disabling Conditions recognized by the SSA. These are conditions listed in the Blue Book that may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

Living And Working With A Thyroid Disorder

While some thyroid issues can be treated with medications, not everyone responds well to the drugs available, and treatments often vary in availability and success rates. If you suffer from a debilitating thyroid disorder that impacts your daily life and affects your ability to work, our firmwants to help.

Thyroid disorders can cause serious weight fluctuations, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, depression, anxiety, and extreme cases of nervousness. Whether you work in an office or in construction, these types of issues could seriously impede your ability to perform the tasks required in your profession. If you have disability insurance, our firm wants to help you obtain the long-term disability benefits you deserve.

Contact Dabdoub Law Firmto discuss your case with our legal team.

Medical Conditions

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Have Questions About Your Va Claim For Hypothyroidism

Proving connection between your hypothyroidism and military service can be challenging, even if youre receiving treatment from a health care provider. However, there may still be a path to disability compensation.

The team at Hill & Ponton is here to support veterans in their claims for disability benefits. If youre a veteran suffering from hypothyroidism connected to military service, our attorneys can assess your case and represent you. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Qualifying For Disability Due To Degenerative Disc Disease

Thyroid Disorders *Types * S&S * Treatments *

The Social Security Administration gets many applications for disability based on degenerative disc disease, and most of them get denied, unless other physical or mental problems are alleged as well. Degenerative disc disease by itself is not recognized as a listed disability by the Social Security Administration . Why? For one reason, the pain caused by disc degeneration is usually intermittent, and often goes away after a few months of conservative treatment.

In addition, for back problems to automatically qualify for disability, the SSA requires that a person have severe issues such as needing assistance walking, needing to significantly adjust their position more than every two hours, or experiencing specific nerve-related problems. For more information on the SSA’s requirements for back claims in general, see Nolo’s article on getting disability benefits for back problems.

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Financial Costs Involved With The Treatment Of Hypothyroidism And Other Thyroid Gland Disorders

An individual can suffer from various thyroid disorders. The most common problems are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. According to Cost Helper, treatment of these conditions are generally covered by health insurance.

Even then there are prescription co-pays, co-pays for doctor visits, and coinsurance and deductibles costs related to hospitalizations, laboratory testing, and any required procedures or treatment plans.

For those who do not have health insurance, the cost of treatment can range from $15 to $100 per month and anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500 per year. The majority of the costs go toward the medications to treat the thyroid disorder.

Regular visits to the physician are required to have blood work done to determine the hormone levels and check if adjustments are required for the medication doses.

While many primary physicians treat thyroid disorders, sometimes you may be referred to an endocrinologist who focuses on thyroid issues and several other medical conditions. They will come up with a treatment plan focused on addressing your hormone levels and individual needs.

Do You Meet Social Securitys Listing For Thyroid Disorders

Medical conditions involving the thyroid are discussed under SSA Listing 9.00 Endocrine Disorders.

Criteria for getting benefits for thyroid issues are both simple and complicated much like the condition itself. Your particular criteria will be determined by which kind of thyroid disorder you are suffering from and which body system or systems have been impacted.

In other words, the SSA is not as focused on the thyroid disorder itself as it is the problems and restrictions the disorder causes you. Luckily, there are a number of SSA-accepted medical tests that you can take to prove that you meet the requirements theyve set down.

  • Biopsy
  • T3 uptake
  • Water loading test

The right results on any of these tests alone will not win your case, but it will definitely go a long way towards helping you get the Social Security disability benefits you need.

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What Are Hypothyroidism And Hyperthyroidism

Hypothyroidism, classified by the VA as diagnostic code 7903, is a condition that occurs when an individuals thyroid gland fails to keep hormone levels as high as they should be. Conversely, hyperthyroidism, classified by the VA as diagnostic code 7900, occurs when a persons thyroid gland overproduces certain hormones.

Can I Get Long Term Disability Insurance If I Have A Thyroid Disorder

How to recognize thyroid issues

Hypothyroidism is a common medical condition across the countrynearly 20 million Americans have thyroid disease. If you are someone who suffers from hypothyroidism, you may deal with daily fatigue, hoarseness, muscle weakness, aches, tenderness, or stiffness, swelling in your joints, an impaired memory, and more.

If you find yourself unable to return to work due to a thyroid disorder, you are most likely now looking into receiving long term disability insurance benefits to help you cope with your medical condition. No one should ever have to worry about what will happen, should they lose out on their salary. We understand that people have bills to pay, families to feed, and additional obligations, which is why our firm is dedicated to fighting for the long term disability insurance millions of Americans need. If you wish to learn more about receiving long term disability insurance, please read on.

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Getting Fair Hyperthyroid And Hypothyroid Va Disability Benefits

There are a few ways that the VAs rating system accounts for the variation in how hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism manifest in different veterans. Every veteran with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism is given a fixed VA disability rating for six months while the condition stabilizes. After six months, the VA disability rating is re-evaluated to account for your individual symptoms. In this manner, the VA disability ratings for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are tailored to your specific condition.

Also, as mentioned above, you may be able to increase your VA disability rating by listing any secondary service-connected disabilities arising from your hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Although the VA disability rating tables focus on the heart and eye problems caused by hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, depression, fatigue, and nervous tremors can all arise from thyroid dysfunctions. To the extent that these conditions affect your ability to earn a living, they should be properly compensated by a fair VA disability rating.

In exceptional situations, the VA is permitted to issue an extra-schedular rating. These are reserved for the rarest of cases in which the VAs rating tables fail to take account of your circumstances.

Establishing Service Connection For Thyroid Conditions

To be awarded service connection for a thyroid condition, the veteran will need to provide evidence that the veterans thyroid condition was either caused or aggravated by the veterans service.; Likely this means the veteran will need to have evidence of a diagnosis; an in-service event, injury, or illness; and a medical nexus which links the condition to the in-service occurrence.

Veterans may use VA Form 21-526EZ to file a claim for their thyroid condition.; Another way veterans may be eligible for VA disability benefits for their thyroid condition is through secondary service connection.; Secondary service connection allows veterans to receive benefits for conditions which have resulted from an already service-connected condition.; An example of this for a thyroid condition could be if a veterans medication for a mental health condition such as PTSD causes the veteran to develop hyperthyroidism.

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Criteria For Receiving Benefits

Each application is reviewed to see if it fulfills a large number of criteria including the following:

  • Is there medical evidence showing that you are unable to perform reasonable or gainful activity due to your condition?
  • Is your condition severe enough that you have been unable to engage in substantial gainful activity for 12 months or more?
  • Did you provide a medical history recording the presence of hypothyroidism and its debilitating effects? This may include:Notes on physical examsLab work and/or blood testsOther tests regarding thyroid function including but not limited to cardiac function, psychological assessments etc.
  • Does your vocational or work history document an inability to complete required tasks because of your condition?
  • Have you worked enough and paid taxes into the Social Security Administration to acquire adequate credits?

A complete list of the criteria required to win disability benefits can be found here.

Compassionate Allowances And Thyroid Cancer

Getting PREGNANT with a THYROID gland disorder

The Compassionate Allowance program was set up by the Social Security Administration to quickly grant disability benefits to individuals who have certain severe conditions. Anaplastic thyroid cancer is one of the conditions identified as a compassionate allowance. This type of cancer spreads quickly and is difficult to control. Possible symptoms of anaplastic thyroid cancer include a lump in the neck, difficulty swallowing and breathing, neck pain, changes in your voice, and swollen lymph nodes located in the neck. To qualify for benefits through this program, you must send a biopsy pathology report to the SSA that shows the presence of anaplastic thyroid cancer.

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Facts About Hypothyroidism And Filing For Disability

  • How to Prove you are disabled and win your disability benefits
  • Facts about the conditionQualifying for disability benefits with this condition

    Why are so many disability cases lost at the disability application and reconsideration appeal levels?obtained and submittedMost popular topics on

    Sodo I Have A Disability

    Hypoparathyroidism is a long term condition with both physical and mental effects. Some people have few symptoms and may not experience many difficulties. Others may have severe and unpredictable long term symptoms which may be considered a disability. Depending on the severity of your Hypoparathyroidism, you may be able to claim a number of different benefits and tax credits. Some patients with Hypoparathyroidism do receive Disability Living Allowance.

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    Is Hashimotos A Disability That Qualifies You For Benefits

    Hashimotos is an autoimmune disorder that can cause hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid function. Essentially, your immune system attacks your thyroid. When the thyroid is damaged it cant make enough hormones, which affects nearly every function of the body. This damage occurs when Hashimotos enters more advanced stages.

    The Social Security Administration considers your diseases effects and other thyroid gland disorders when determining benefits. However, this condition alone wont qualify you for disability benefits. To get approved for monthly payments, be sure to list all health problems and symptoms you currently have on your claim. We recommend this because 62% of people approved for SSD list multiple health problems on their applications.


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