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Can Thyroid Problems Affect Your Hearing

Hyperthyroidism And Hearing Problems

Can Thyroid Problems Affect Your Pregnancy? Dr. Subramanian Kannan

Hyperthyroidism is a thyroid disease characterized by excessive levels of T3 and T4 hormones. The disease is indicated by a number of symptoms such as weight loss, nervousness, palpitations, irritability, tremors, and many others.

As mentioned above in the post, hyperthyroidism can also affect pathways involved in hearing. That being said, studies focusing on this condition only and its relationship with hearing are limited. In most cases, scientists explored hearing and both hypo- and hyperthyroidism.

However, Berker et al. carried out an interesting study involving 22 patients with Graves disease. Their study found a decrease in hearing ability among patients with this disease, especially at high frequencies.

The research team emphasized the importance of conducting further studies on the subject in order to elucidate all the underlying mechanisms associated with hearing loss due to Graves disease, an autoimmune disorder and the most common cause of hyperthyroidism.

Difficulty Dealing With Temperature Changes

If you are struggling to adjust to changes in temperature, you may be suffering from a thyroid problem. If your thyroid does not make enough hormones, you might have difficulty handling colder temperatures. For example, you might feel very cold when you go outside during the winter. In addition, you might have to turn up the heat in your home and wear jackets when you are inside. Its also common for your feet and hands to become cold.

When your thyroid gland is too active, you might have difficulty enduring hot weather. For example, you might sweat when you are in relatively mild climates. In addition, you might turn on the air conditioner in your home and experience hot flashes.

What Are The Causes Of Hearing Problems

Problems affecting hearing can occur due to an array of reasons, although aging is the most prevalent factor. Hearing loss issues fall into three categories conductive , sensorineural , and mixed .

In addition to older age, hearing problems frequently develop due to exposure to loud noises. Most types of hearing loss cannot be reversed, but it is possible to improve hearing.

Frankly, everyone can develop hearing problems, but some people are at a higher risk than others. Common causes and risk factors associated with these issues involve:

  • Damage to the inner ear
  • Ear infection and abnormal bone growths and tumors
  • Genetic predisposition
  • The gradual buildup of earwax
  • Some health problems that cause high fever such as meningitis
  • Some medications such as Viagra and chemotherapy drugs can damage hearing

What many people dont know is that diabetes, stroke, obesity, and even stress and sleep deprivation can contribute to hearing loss.

In many cases, a combination of different factors contributes to problems affecting hearing.

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Can Obesity Cause Hearing Loss

Though awareness about a healthy lifestyle is spreading, Obesity still remains a major problem. The current lifestyle is the main cause of Obesity. Though remote control, Apps, automation and fast foods has made life easy, it has also reduced our physical activity. Obesity is a sign of poor health and can cause Hearing loss.

Can Thyroid Problems Cause Hearing Loss

The Connection Between Thyroid Disease and Hearing Loss ...

The thyroid has a strong impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Numerous studies have shown that dysfunction of the butterfly-shaped gland contributes to an array of health problems.

Science has confirmed that hearing loss can be associated with thyroid function.

Karakus et al. carried out an interesting study whose primary objective was to measure hearing thresholds in patients who are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Scientists measured the hearing of the patients prior to and before the treatment of their thyroid-related condition.

Results showed that audiometric findings of hyperthyroid subjects were better than those in the control group, particularly at high frequencies.

Sensorineural hearing loss was observed in euthyroid period and in patients with hyperthyroidism, especially at low frequencies.

Scientists concluded the study explaining that both hypo- and hyperthyroidism have a significant influence on hearing pathway disorders.

Treatment of hypothyroidism could improve hearing in patients affected by this common problem. Scientists also recommended that hearing in all persons with thyroid-related conditions should be monitored closely.

As seen above, thyroid gland dysfunction can contribute to hearing problems in adults. But, research confirms thats possible in children as well.

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Thyroid Disorders And Other Adjustments

The primary outcome we were interested in was the prevalence of preexisting thyroid diseases. To identify cases and controls with diagnoses of thyroid disease, we searched for ICD-9-CM codes 243 and 244 for hypothyroidism, 242 for hyperthyroidism, 240.xx to 241.xx for thyroid goiter, and 245.xx for thyroiditis. Patients were considered to have a thyroid disease if the diagnostic code appeared three times or more in outpatient visits or more than once in an inpatient setting. We established whether each individual had thyroid diseases before diagnosis of SSNHL in the case group and before the matched index date in the control group. We adjusted for sex, age, monthly income, urbanization level of residence, and the diagnoses of hypertension , diabetes mellitus , chronic otitis media , and hyperlipidemia in inpatient care claims or in three or more outpatient claims before the index date. We analyzed covariates as binomial variables. Medication treatment for thyroid dysfunction, including levothyroxine sodium for hypothyroidism and methimazole and propylthiouracil for hyperthyroidism, was defined as use of the medication between diagnosis of thyroid disease and the index date. Surgical treatment of thyroid diseases, including partial and total thyroidectomy, was defined as the procedure occurring between diagnosis of thyroid disease and the index date.

Can Thyroid Cancer Be Prevented

Most thyroid cancer cannot be prevented.

One rare type of thyroid cancer, called medullary thyroid cancer , runs in families. A genetic test can tell you if you have a greater chance of getting MTC. If this test shows that you have an increased risk, you can have your thyroid gland removed to reduce your risk for thyroid cancer later in life.

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Integrated Ear Nose And Throat Of Lone Tree Colorado

Thyroid problems can be hard to diagnose because the symptoms are similar to other conditions. Such problems can range from a small, harmless goiter that needs no treatment to life-threatening cancer.

Some common thyroid problems include

  • Graves Disease
  • Thyroiditis
  • Thyroid Nodules

At Integrated ENT, our team of expert adult and pediatric physicians from multiple specialties partner with you to form a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan to address your thyroid problem.

Thyroid Gland

Your thyroid gland is one of the endocrine glands that make hormones to regulate physiological functions in your body, like metabolism . Other endocrine glands include the pituitary, adrenal, and parathyroid glands and specialized cells within the pancreas.

The thyroid gland is located in the middle of the lower neck, below the larynx , and wraps around the front half of the trachea . It is shaped like a bow tie, just above the collarbones, having two halves joined by a small tissue bar . You cant always feel a normal thyroid gland.

Thyroid Disease

When the thyroid gland doesnt supply the proper amount of hormones needed by the body, thyroid disease happens. As a result, this can cause

  • Graves Disease
  • Hypothyroidism

Graves Disease

Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder in which antibodies produced by your immune system stimulate your thyroid to produce too much T4. Graves disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism.

Hashimotos Disease



The Connection Between Hearing Loss And Thyroid Disease

Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy | Can Thyroid Problems Affect Your Pregnancy | Thyroid Treatment

Thyroxine helps in maintaining the Cochlea during the development stage and much after. In an experiment, 30 subjects suffering from Hypothyroidism underwent Thyroxine treatment. At the end of 6 months, there was a 48% improvement in hearing confirmed by the pre and post treatment Audiograms. Thyroxine also helps in protecting against Noise Induced Hearing loss. Hypothyroidism , as well as Hyperthyroidism cause Sensorineural Hearing loss

A healthy diet is important for people suffering from thyroid disease. Iodine, Vitamin A and D and minerals like Selenium and Iron help to maintain a healthy Thyroid. Read about the wonder foods which contain these and include them in your diet.

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Can Thyroid Problems Impact Your Hearing

If you suspect with a condition related to your thyroid gland, you may be wondering: can thyroid problems impact your hearing?

The answer is yes. Thyroid diseases have been linked to hearing loss.

The thyroid produces hormones that affect our health in a variety of ways, and when the thyroid isnt working properly, it can cause all kinds of problems, ranging from low energy levels to bad digestion to hearing loss.

Is Thyroid Disease Common?

According to the American Thyroid Association, more than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime.

The signs and symptoms of thyroid conditions are so varied, the ATA estimates that 60% of sufferers dont even know they have a thyroid problem.

The causes of thyroid problems are mostly unknown, but there are risk factors for developing some thyroid conditions, like sex, age, heredity, and suffering from other autoimmune diseases.

How Do Thyroid Diseases Lead to Hearing Loss?

While specific thyroid diseases like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Pendred Syndrome, and Graves Disease have been linked to hearing loss and tinnitus, there is, unfortunately, not a clear and set-in-stone reason why these conditions lead to problems with your hearing health.

What Are the Signs of Thyroid Disease?

As mentioned above, thyroid disease can be difficult to pinpoint since symptoms vary widely and can be confused with other health problems.

Other Possible Causes Of Hearing Loss And Sensitivity

Hypothyroidism isnt the only possible explanation for ear sensitivity and hearing loss. These can also occur due to the following conditions:

  • Central auditory processing disorder, a hearing problem common among school-aged children characterized by the poor coordination between the brain and ears
  • Menieres disease, an auditory condition affecting one of the inner ears
  • Canal dehiscence, an opening in the bone that covers one of the inner ears canals
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ syndrome, pain that affects the lower jaw, which may be due to facial nerve injury

Other common reasons may be:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety

Note: People with hypothyroidism may also have anxiety disorders or depression. Meanwhile, ear sensitivity may lead to social isolation, which can worsen symptoms of anxiety or depression.

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Early Signs Of Thyroid Problems

If you are experiencing changes in your weight, vision problems, or increased sensitivity to shifts in temperature, you might have a thyroid problem. Instead of ignoring these early warning signs, you should schedule an appointment at the Medical Transformation Center in Louisville, KY. We can use a variety of techniques to address your thyroid problems and improve your health.

What Can You Do About Thyroid Disease

Possibility Of Deafness Being Caused By Thyroid Problems

Awareness is the first step. Find out if you have any family history of thyroid disease and be vigilant about symptoms of thyroid disease. If you are concerned, contact your doctor as soon as possible. A few tests can determine whether or not you have thyroid disease and if the results are positive you can get the treatment you need, which may involve medication.

Remember, if you think you have thyroid disease or you have already been diagnosed, it is important to keep a close eye on your hearing health too. The best way to do that is with the professional care of an Audiologist.

Selective Hearing are a leading audiology specialist serving the residents of Acadiana and are here to help with your hearing care, so call us now on to book your hearing test appointment.

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Thyroid Enlargement And Difficulty Swallowing

Thyroid enlargement can cause difficulty swallowing, or dysphagia, as a result of the thyroid gland directly compressing the swallowing organs. The thyroid gland, which is usually about the size of a quarter, can become enlarged as a symptom of various thyroid disorders, as well as other medical conditions. While not all patients with enlarged thyroid glands experience compressive symptoms, studies have shown that up to 33% of those with benign goiters do report difficulty swallowing and shortness of breath.

Conditions associated with enlarged thyroid include:

Thyroid cancer and other medical conditions can also contribute to or cause thyroid enlargement.

The Link Between Your Thyroid And Your Ears

Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism have been linked to hearing loss. Research into why is ongoing, but the following thyroid conditions are known to affect hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance:

  • Pendred Syndrome, a genetic disorder which causes early hearing loss in children, also often leads to the development of goiter.
  • Graves Disease, one of the known causes of hyperthyroidism
  • Hashimotos Disease, known as a common cause of hypothyroidism

On the other hand, radiation treatment for thyroid cancer may also hearing loss. Studies have shown that patients who undergo radiation therapy for cancer in the head or neck, such as thyroid cancer, appear more likely to experience hearing loss.

If you are experiencing systemic but seemingly random health problems, talk to your doctor about ruling out thyroid disease. Ensuring a healthy supply of thyroid hormone in your body will contribute to your general well-being, including your hearing. And if a required treatment could put your hearing at risk, involve a hearing care professional in your treatment plan who can monitor your hearing along the way in order to minimize damage.

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Can Influenza Cause Hearing Loss

Seeing people sniffling and sneezing during winters is a common sight. Neglecting the early signs can see some come down with severe influenza. Influenza, commonly known as flu can also cause hearing loss. Flu, after all, is a virus which affects the sinuses and the ears. In a majority of the cases, flu causes Conductive Hearing loss which is reversible. Hearing loss can become permanent if proper and timely treatment is not taken.

Patient Selection And Case

How hypothyroidism affects your appearance

presents a flowchart of patient selection. We selected patients with a new SSNHL diagnosis in an inpatient claim or at fewest three outpatient claims between 1 January 2000, and 31 December 2013, for the case group. ICD-9-CM code 388.2 was used to identify SSNHL diagnoses. To enhance the accuracy of diagnosis, we only included patients with SSNHL coded by otolaryngologists. Because we were interested in the relationship between thyroid disease and SSNHL in adults, we excluded patients aged less than 18 years and those with congenital hypothyroidism, and selected 3331 patients with SSNHL for the case group. For high statistical power, we matched each case with four randomly selected controls without SSNHL from the LHID2005 for the case index date the control group was frequency-matched by age, sex, urbanization level of residence, and monthly income. Thus, in total, we selected 13,324 controls.

Flow diagram of participants selection and study design. SSNHLâsudden sensorineural hearing loss.

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What Vitamins Help Your Thyroid

Supplements for general thyroid healthSelenium. Selenium, a mineral needed for thyroid hormone production, helps protect the thyroid from damage caused by oxidative stress. Iodine. Iodine is critical for thyroid function. Zinc. The mineral zinc is required for thyroid hormone production. Iron.Dec 23, 2020

How Untreated Thyroid Disease Can Lead To Hearing Loss

by Ashley Thom | Dec 19, 2018 | Patient Resources

Its Thyroid Awareness Month and we want you to be in the know. Maybe you are already aware of the effects thyroid disease, which affects the thyroid gland, can have on weight and energy levels. But did you know it is linked to hearing loss too?

An estimated 20 million Americans have some sort of thyroid problem, but as many as 60% of those affected have no idea of their condition. This is often because the symptoms of thyroid disease are varied and easily confused with other health issues. Why? Because the thyroid gland is involved in so many bodily processes.

Your thyroid gland produces two main hormones that are vital for your metabolism, digestion, bone health, heart function, energy levels and mood. When your thyroid gland isnt working properly, all of these different aspects of your wellbeing can be affected. So what should you look out for?

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Calcium Sodium And Potassium

Another recent study indicates that the more severe the hypothyroidism the lower the levels of calcium, sodium and potassium three of those essential inner ear electrolytes.

The mechanisms underlying the effect of an underactive thyroid on our electrolytes are still not clearly understood, however, what is known is that treatment of a hypothyroid in order to bring it into normal range can have a positive effect on hearing problems.

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Handling The Stress Of Having Cancer

Hypothyroidism &  Hearing Loss

Having cancer can be very stressful, and it may feel overwhelming to face the challenges in front of you. Finding new ways of coping with the symptoms of stress may improve your overall quality of life. These ideas may help:

  • Get the support you need. Spend time with people who care about you, and let them help you.
  • Take good care of yourself. Get plenty of rest, and eat nourishing foods.
  • Talk about your feelings. Find a support group where you can share your experience.
  • Stay positive. Do things each day that will help you stay calm and relaxed.

Having cancer can change your life in many ways. For support in managing these changes, see the topic Getting Support When You Have Cancer.

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