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Can Thyroid Nodules Be Removed Without Surgery

Who Gets Thyroid Nodules

What is a Thyroid Nodule and How Can It be Treated?

The people who get thyroid nodules parallel percent and decade by age quite conveniently. What we see with women is that their age and their decade corresponds quite clearly with their risk for developing nodules.

Key Insight: If you are 30, there is about a 30% risk of you developing thyroid nodules. If you are 50, there is a 50% chance of you developing thyroid nodules. The same applies for being 60 and 70 . Pretty simple to remember, but absolutely crucial to not forget.

Overall, developing thyroid nodules is three times more common to occur in women over men1.

This means that for women especially, getting to know more about the status of your thyroid is important.

For men, we need to be aware of the chances of developing thyroid problems and how it changes between genders.

How Are Thyroid Nodules Diagnosed

Thyroid nodules in children should be evaluated by a physician with special expertise in this area, usually a pediatric endocrinologist. In addition to taking a medical history and performing a physical exam, the doctor may order certain tests.

  • Blood tests are used to determine if the thyroid is working properly, or excessively.
  • Ultrasound is the best imaging technique to visualize a known or suspected thyroid nodule. Ultrasound uses sound waves to assess the location and characteristics of nodules in the thyroid gland. Because ultrasound uses only sound waves, it does not expose the patient to any harmful radiation.
  • Fine-needle aspiration uses a very thin needle to take a sample of a thyroid nodule. A pathologist examines the cells in the sample to determine whether the nodule may be a thyroid cancer. Not all thyroid nodules require a biopsy. If the doctor determines that a biopsy is needed, it can be performed on the same day as the ultrasound, almost always without sedation.
  • Nuclear medicine imaging is used in some cases to determine if a thyroid nodule is producing too much thyroid hormone. Such autonomous nodules are usually benign .
  • Surgery is sometimes needed to determine whether a thyroid nodule is a thyroid cancer, if the result of fine-needle aspiration is not definitive.
  • Genetic testing may be recommended in some cases when thyroid nodules occur as part of a possible genetic condition.

How Do I Select A Surgeon

In general, thyroid surgery is best performed by a surgeon who has received special training and who performs thyroid surgery on a regular basis. The complication rate of thyroid operations is lower when the operation is done by a surgeon who does a large number of thyroid operations each year. Patients should ask their referring physician where he or she would go to have a thyroid operation or where he or she would send a family member.

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Will I Need To Take A Thyroid Pill After My Operation

The answer to this depends on how much of the thyroid gland is removed. If half thyroidectomy is performed, there is an 80% chance you will not require a thyroid pill UNLESS you are already on thyroid medication for low thyroid hormone levels or have evidence that your thyroid function is on the lower side in your thyroid blood tests. If you have your entire gland removed or if you have had prior thyroid surgery and now are facing removal of the remaining thyroid then you have no internal source of thyroid hormone remaining and you will definitely need lifelong thyroid hormone replacement.

How Does Tsh Effect Nodules

How do you Treat Someone with a benign nodule with RFA ...

The concept here is that TSH stimulates the thyroid. While that might be great for a thyroid that is perfectly healthy, it can also play a role in stimulating nodules.

Think about it like a garden. Lets say you have the most beautiful tomato plants in your garden. Could you put Miracle-Gro on it to make it grow faster? Sure, you could, but what if you had weeds in your garden?

What if the Miracle-Gro made them grow as well, instead of killing them off. At that point, you might need to ask yourself whether the Miracle-Gro is worth it, or whether or not it is actually making things worse.

Key Insight: TSH and your nodules do not get along, in the sense that more TSH causes your nodules to grow and can potentially make them problematic were they to become big enough. The lower you get your TSH into that optimal range, the better chance you have of suppressing the growth of any potential nodules.

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Rfa For Papillary Microcarcinoma

Several trials have demonstrated promising results for treating primary PTMC with RFA. Ding et al. used RFA to treat 38 PTMC in 37 patients with a low power setting of 20 W . All treated nodules achieved complete ablation, no complications occurred, and no hypothyroidism was encountered. After 12 months post treatment 37 of the 38 nodules were completely resolved with no evidence of nodule recurrence in 37 patients . Similarly, Zhang et al. demonstrated safety and efficacy in RFA-treated PTMCs over a 18-month follow-up . After treating the lesion with 3-5W of power, a significant volume reduction rate was noted within the first 6 months follow up but not after the 12 months follow up . Of the 98 nodules , 10 resolved after six months, and 23 resolved in 12 months. All patients post RFA demonstrated no evidence of residual tumor on ultrasound or histological pathology after US guided biopsy . Again, no major complications were noted.

In a meta-analysis examining the efficacy and safety of all ablation techniques for PTMC, RFA showed the highest mean volume reduction rate compared to other thermal ablation techniques such as MA and LA . Although significant heterogeneity between studies is noted, the pooled proportions of complete disappearance of PTMC was 57.6% and recurrence was 0.4% . Furthermore, the pooled proportions of overall and major complications for all thermal approaches were 3.2% and 0.7% demonstrating the safety of these techniques for PTMC .

Goiter Treatments Without Surgery

Some factors determine whether a goiter can be treated without surgery. Consideration is put on factors such as underlying cause, symptoms, the age of the patient and other reasons. Goiter can be treated with medication and home remedies, but extreme cases require surgery to fix. When the goiter is relatively mild, medication will be recommended.

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When Should You Be Concerned About Thyroid Nodules

Most thyroid nodules arent serious. However, you know with thyroid nodules, when to worry is if they are larger than 1 cm or painful . If you have thyroid nodules, you should also be checked for hyperthyroidism Hyperthyroidism Over production of hormones by the thyroid gland located at the front of neck. or hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism A condition resulting from decreased production of thyroid hormones. .

What Is Transoral Thyroid Surgery

Woman Describes the Effects of Thyroid Removal

Transoral thyroid surgery is a procedure we use to remove the thyroid by going through the mouth, as opposed to making open incisions in the neck during traditional surgery. This allows people to avoid not only incision scars but also hypertrophic and keloid scars, which occur when scars thicken because of an abnormal response to trauma or injury.

We saw one woman who had a fairly large nodule in her neck that needed to be removed. Initially, she worried it would result in a large scar until she learned about transoral surgery. The patient eventually opted for the procedure and returned a week later thrilled with her recovery and the lack of scarring.

Patients can begin preparing for transoral thyroid surgery by scheduling a consultation with a surgeon. During this time, the surgeon will provide the patient with a list of things that must be completed prior to the day of surgery, which often includes:

  • Electrocardiography , the recording of electrical activity of the heart
  • Lab tests
  • Physical exam
  • Imaging tests, such as an X-ray

Patients typically are back to work anywhere from a few days to a week after surgery. We provide them with an oral care regimen immediately after surgery, which includes a salt water mouth rinse after each meal and before bed. Some things patients can expect to have minor difficulty with for the next few months include difficulty swallowing and numbness around the mouth and chin where the incisions were made.

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Risk Factors For Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid nodules are actually quite common. By the age of 60, half of all people have them. Theyâre often very small. You might only learn you have a thyroid nodule when your doctor feels for one during an examination or if you have an ultrasound of your thyroid.

Still, several things can increase your chances of developing a thyroid nodule. They include:

  • Living in a part of the world where the diet doesnât include iodine

  • Having a family history of thyroid nodules

  • Being female

  • Having a history of radiation exposure to head or neck

Better Thyroid Management Today

Today, we talked all about thyroid nodules and what you can do to start treating them naturally.

The first thing I did mention, though, was how important it always is to understand your body and to know when your body is trying to tell you something.

Consider taking the Thyroid Quiz today. It is a collection of very simple questions, which can go a long way in helping to determine the health of your thyroid.

Think of it like a launchpad for better health, starting today, and start to understand a little bit more about your thyroid. Afterward, follow the action steps I outlined and get back to feeling more like yourself today.

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What Can I Expect Once I Decide To Proceed With Surgery

Once you have met with the surgeon and decided to proceed with surgery, you will be scheduled for your pre-operative evaluation You should have nothing to eat or drink after midnight on the day before surgery and should leave valuables and jewelry at home.

The surgery usually takes 2-2½ hours, after which time you will slowly wake up in the recovery room. Surgery may be performed through a standard incision in the neck or may be done through a smaller incision with the aid of a video camera . Under special circumstances, thyroid surgery can be performed with the assistance of a robot through a distant incision in either the axilla or the back of the neck. There may be a surgical drain in the incision in your neck and your throat may be sore because of the breathing tube placed during the operation. Once you are fully awake, you will be allowed to have something light to eat and drink. Many patients having thyroid operations, especially after hemithyroidectomy, are able to go home the same day after a period of observation in the hospital. Some patients will be admitted to the hospital overnight and discharged the next morning.

Combined Thermal Ablation And Radioactive Iodine Treatment

Surgery in am Having Thyroids And Goiter removed

The guidelines are more cautious when recommending treatment of large benign goiters, and more than one treatment is expected for larger sized nodules . The use of one treatment modality exclusively may only partially give a desired effect for benign large toxic nodules, however evidence for combining thermal ablation with radioactive iodine has been promising. Even though surgery is considered the first line treatment, and current international guidelines do not endorse RFA as primary treatment for large toxic goiters, a combined approach may be an innovative safe solution for reducing the dose of RAI and rapidly controlling local symptoms of hyperthyroidism and compression without undergoing surgical removal of the gland . In a pilot study by Chianelli et al., combined LA therapy with RAI treatment induced faster and greater improvement of local and systemic symptoms compared to RAI alone . Korkusuz et al. found similar success with combined therapy using MA with RAI for Graves disease and large toxic nodular goiters . A significant reduction in size was appreciated with restoration of euthyroidism and a reduced dose of RAI . Even though MA and LA have proven effective, RFA is more widely disseminated and is better studied to date .

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What To Expect If You Have A Thyroid Nodule

Thyroid nodules most often do not cause symptoms. However, sometimes the tissue in a nodule makes too much of the thyroid hormones triiodothyronine and thyroxine , and you may have the following symptoms of hyperthyroidism , which means your thyroid is overactive: Anxiety. Irritability or moodiness.

Thyroid Removal When You Need To Be Concerned About Thyroid Nodules

May 24, 2019// by Dr Hagmeyer

So you have been having low thyroid symptoms and the visit to your doctor ended up where your doctor determined that you have thyroid nodules, if you are like most people that news was probably pretty scary. Thoughts of cancer or having to have your thyroid removed may have raced through your mind. The good news is that the vast majority are not cancerous, but that does not mean you should take this news lightly.

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A Safe Less Invasive Way

The procedure, which has been used for years to treat benign thyroid tumors in Korea, Italy, Brazil and a handful of other countries, involves inserting a thin, needle-like probe through the skin of the neck into the troublesome nodule, said , MD, assistant professor of otolaryngology at Stanford. The probe is activated via a foot pedal, triggering radio waves that send an electrical current through the probe the heat then destroys tissue of the nodule.

Its based on radio-wave technology that has already been used in the U.S. to treat bone, lung, liver and kidney tumors, Noel said. It allows us a safe, less invasive way to intervene on a benign thyroid nodule thats causing problems without the risks of surgery and the need for hormone therapy caused by its removal.

Thyroid nodules are lumps in or on the thyroid gland. They are relatively common, and, in most cases, their cause is unknown, Noel said. About 50% of people in the U.S. over the age of 60 have at least one nodule. The vast majority of nodules more than 90% are benign.

Still, benign nodules can wreak havoc, she said. They need to be watched in case they grow and start pushing on important structures. They can also become unsightly goiters, which are groupings of several nodules that bulge from the neck. Some nodules can become toxic, like OBriens, secreting unwanted hormones that can cause a variety of symptoms, including a racing heart, difficulty sleeping, anxiety and irritability.

How Can My Doctor Tell If I Have A Thyroid Nodule That Is Cancerous

Thyroid Nodule Surgery with Surgeon Dr. Robert Pollard

Your doctor can do several different tests. One test is called fine-needle aspiration. Your doctor will take a tissue sample from your thyroid gland and examine it under a microscope to see if its cancerous. The tissue sample is taken with a very small needle.

Another test your doctor may do is an ultrasound. This test uses sound waves to make a picture of the thyroids shape and the size of the nodules. It can help your doctor determine whether the nodule is a solid tumor or a cyst filled with fluid.

A third test is a thyroid scan. Your doctor will inject harmless radioactive iodine into a vein in your arm. The iodine is absorbed by your thyroid gland and makes it glow as your doctor takes a special picture. Your doctor can learn about the nodule depending on how much or how little of the iodine shows in the picture.

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The Conventional Approach To Thyroid Nodules

Most conventional doctors will recommend the following options for treatment of thyroid nodules:

1. Observation. When you have benign nodule, most doctors will recommend monitoring your thyroid with regular checkups to check for malignancy. This is especially important for those with Hashimotos, as they are at an increased risk of thyroid cancer. An increase in size or symptoms may demand a repeat biopsy or another treatment, but nodules that dont change over the years might not require any additional treatment.

2. Thyroid hormone suppression therapy. Prescribing thyroid hormone replacement medications can lower the production of TSH from the pituitary gland, and thus decrease the growth of thyroid tissue. Some practitioners may even attempt to suppress TSH with thyroid medications, to reduce nodule size. One double-blind, placebo-controlled study looked at 123 patients with a single palpable benign nodule, using levothyroxine therapy to suppress their TSH below 0.3 mIU/L over 18 months. The study found that those in the medication group had a significant decrease in the size of their largest nodules, while the placebo group saw an increase in nodule size .

Whats The Treatment For A Thyroid Nodule

Even a benign growth on your thyroid gland can cause symptoms. If a thyroid nodule is causing voice or swallowing problems, your doctor may recommend treating it with surgery to remove all or part of the thyroid gland.

If the doctor recommends removal of your thyroid , you may not even have to worry about a scar on your neck. Some patients are good candidates for a scarless thyroid procedure, where the surgeon reaches the thyroid through an incision made on the inside of your lower lip.

A newer alternative that the doctor can use to treat benign nodules in an office setting is called radiofrequency ablation . Radiofrequency ablation uses a probe to access the benign nodule under ultrasound guidance, and then treats it with electrical current and heat that shrinks the nodule. Its simple: Most people treated with RFA are back to their normal activities the next day with no problems.

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